Legislative block to combined SoS

Iain Dale reports that the ‘Department of the Nations’ to replace the three SoS positions was indeed planned but could not happen because such a move requires legislation. If correct this is the second time a Labour proposal has been prevented late on because of ignorance of the legislative framework of government.

  • eire

    “…A good deal of civil service time has been spent considering how to put together a new department for the nations, taking in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, but the failure to reach an agreement between the political parties on devolved policing makes it difficult to disband the Northern Ireland office at this stage…”


  • dewi

    One of the problems would be what to call the department:
    I reckon “Ministry for the oppressed internal colonies” has a nice ring to it….

  • Credit where it’s due, please.

    The Iain Dale posting you cite is timed at 12.37 pm on Monday, 6th October.

    Now refer to Slugger O’Toole’s previous thread, Mandy is back and the “Celtic Secretary” is put off. There you will find, at 12.30 am on 4th October, a contribution which points out, with characteristic incisiveness and diction:

    Secretaries-of-State for the celtic colonies (Scotland, Wales and NI) have a legal basis. They cannot be over-turned, or merged without significant Parliamentary jiggery-pokery. It will happen; but I guess for the time being there are higher priorities.

    Now, let’s see who that perceptive soul was … ah, yes! … it looks the same name as is subscribed here …