Hints of “Or else devolution gets it”?

Martin McGuinness spoke yesterday at the Civil Rights commemoration event at the Guildhall in Londonderry. He offered two conspiracy theories about Unionism that some wanted a return to the 1960’s and that the DUP was not moving as it was looking over its shoulders. The speech also appeared to make two implied threats to devolution:

“It isn’t just about whether there is or is not an Executive meeting – it is about partnership government and power sharing in the new political dispensation. It is about the acceptance of the rights and entitlements of nationalists and republicans won over many years of tough negotiations. If one party does not believe in partnership government and power sharing on the basis of equality then it is they who are placing the political institutions at risk…The only way any unionist politician will ever hold any semblance of real political power now or in the future is in partnership with nationalists and republicans.”

It also outlined what SF considered the Plan B:

“If partnership government is beyond the DUP then it will fall to the two governments to take the necessary decisions and implement the necessary policy changes to ensure political progress in the all-Ireland context envisaged in the Good Friday And St. Andrews Agreements.”