Towards a civil society online?

I couldn’t get to the Organise, Activate, Influence conference in Dublin this morning, but I have sent this ad hoc ‘soapbox’ piece in which I argue that we need more Irish bloggers who take the whole business of mainstream politics more seriously if citizens are to be able exert more influence on the way politics is done between elections. Outside a handful of sites, like and Irish Election that’s far from the norm.

Our excellent recent recruit Brian Walker has greatly enhanced Slugger’s coverage of politics in Britain, Slugger’s focus is still remains Northern Ireland. But my own pitch on the video ends with a pitch for new bloggers from the south. So if you’d like to join the Slugger Fest and you have something to say about politics in the Republic, {encode=”[email protected]” title=”drop me a line”} with some of your ideas and we’ll see if we can get you a start!

You can follow today’s seminar live, just below the fold:

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