Western Trust U turn

Michael McGimpsey has forced the Western Trust into a u turn on paying adults with learning disabilities £2 per week for their work in day centres. The trust had proposed scrapping the payements scheme which would have saved £75,000 per year.

From the Impartial Reporter (login required but free):

Speaking at a Western Health and Social Care Trust Board meeting on Tuesday, Chief Executive of the Western Trust; Elaine Way claimed: “As a CSR proposal we decided to cut the reward scheme for adults with learning disabilities. Trevor (Miller, Director of Mental Health and Disability Services) and his team went to five meetings across the Trust area and while some parents wished to see this implemented, the majority have reacted negatively and there has been significant media coverage.”

Ms. Way added: “I met the Minister yesterday (Monday) and discussed this issue in particular. He confirmed that the proposal is not supported and has asked the Trust to find a different procedure and Trevor has begun to work on it.”