McGimpsey announces new ambulances

Michael McGimpsey has announced £17 million over the next three years to purchase 60 new emergency ambulances, 60 non emergency ambulances and 26 rapid response vehicles. I am unsure whether this is in addition to the announcements he made in July when he pledged not to cut services: though the proposed introduction of rapid response vehicles was controversial and Unison regarded the announcements as a cut in services. Clearly this announcement may help assuage any criticism from then as well as following the recent ambulance breakdowns in Londonderry.

  • pith

    If that Folks on the Hill thing is still on the go, we can look forward to welcome predicability.

  • cynic

    Mmmmmmm ….. £17m is the total spend over 3 years isn’t it but the total new money is only £1m -£2m. The rest is normal fleet replacement costs.

    Good news but not earth shattering