Replacing the panes

Tom Kelly looks at the role and challenges of women in Ulster politics.

  • I think you mean Northern Ireland politics, fair_deal. Tom didn’t say anything about Donegal, Cavan or Monaghan.

  • i didn’t hear him ‘say’ anything at all…

    just if we’re being so detailed….

  • Nor did he ‘look’ at anything either, of course (as fair_deal said in his intro). I guess he wrote about the role and challenges of women in politics in general, with a particular reference to Northern Ireland. 😉

  • Danny Boy

    ‘Are men exempt from their parental responsibilities when they get a serious job?’ The consensus seems to be ‘yes’, but the problem isn’t confined to ‘serious’ jobs like elected ones, or even to men with jobs at all – I can count on one hand, with fingers to spare, the number of fathers I know who are responsible for half the childcare. I keep hearing women talk about men ‘babysitting’, as well, when the babies they’re looking after are their own.

  • brendan,belfast

    Was i hearing things on Friday on Evening Extra? I thought i heard the DARD Minister responding to claims from the UFU President that she was not doing her job properly due to her pregnancy. Surely if he had said such a thing there would have been a proper outcry?