Up and coming politicians?

As we get down to business in the Slugger Awards, I’,m giong to highlight some of the sectors where we could do with a few more nominations. Up and coming politician has got to be one of the more important, since it’s here we’d like to identify the next generation of political leaders across the parties. Or even just those who have been doing good work, but not getting picked up in the news stories. The old thread is here, but comments will be open below for additions. Adds: Below the fold….One other thing. I’ve noticed that there are a few councillors who have been nominated in the ‘up and coming politican’ category that will probably be outshone. But – if you nominated a councillor in that category, have a think about whether they could be shifted into the Councillor of the year award?

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  • Anon

    must they currently hold elected office?

  • Check out the recent post by Jim Monaghan who clearly believes that the next generation of republican leaders will come from Ogra Shinn Fein:


  • Mick Fealty


    Yes. The emphasis is on how people handle the responsibilities of office, not how good they would probably be if they got the chance.


    The ‘cadet’ membership organisations of all the parties are there to help draw future member and leaders in. In many ways all parties must be concerned to keep a strong connection with the youth. Generational shifts can have a disastrous (if delayed) effect on future performance.

    But there’s clearly a transition between membership and leadership. Public representation is the first opportunity a politically minded citizens of making his/her own mark and developing his/her relationship with an electorate.

    Talk to most politicians anywhere (not just NI) and they will tell you that the critical age for ‘going professional’ is late 20s early 30s. Politics is a hugely demanding job, particularly when you begin to take on other life commitments, like a partner and/or children.

    Getting people to transition in sideways after that is highly problematic.

    So in this category we are looking for young reps (or new, they really don’t have to be ‘young’ young), who are blazing a trail for a new generation of politics/politicians.