“It’s not rocket science..”

Fair deal noted Northern Ireland Secretary of State Shaun Woodward’s creative suggestion to deal with avoid the question of the devolution of policing and justice powers and he, Woodward that is, popped up on the Politics Show today keen to stress that administration by correspondence is working.. He begins by dismissing opinion polls, not that opinion poll obviously.. and goes on to blame the media for creating a drama out of a crisis kerfuffle “tense time” – forgetting, momentarily, that it wasn’t the media doing the grandstanding and threatening to take the ball away. He also ducks the question of whether Sinn Féin are justified in blocking the Northern Ireland Executive meeting. And, for those still not paying attention, here’s another reminder, or two, of why they are blocking it.

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  • percy

    Any attempt to investigate or probe why the DUP are blocking progress on the devolution of P&J;? None.

    Time for a holiday time peteb? To see both sides?

  • Pete Baker


    Don’t you remember the terms of the “indigenous” deal?

    The DUP get to ask for the devolution of policing and justice powers when they decide that the conditions are right. Of course, if Sinn Féin didn’t want that devolution they could say ‘no’ too.

    But, right now, it’s the DUP’s call. That was the “indigenous” deal – nevermind that other parties think that the Executive still has to prove itself.

    And it’s why the focus should be on why Sinn Féin, with the collusion of the securocrats NIO, seem intent on creating a crisis now.

  • percy

    that “indigenous” deal may well be the letter of the law, but is it the spirit of the law?

    Aside from the two Assembly parties ( SF – DUP )who are in a mexican stand-off what are the three other most important people who have responsibilities in the North saying:

    Gordon Brown
    Shaun Woodward
    Hugh Orde

    Need I provide quotes?

    Why are they all on the same page pete?

    Isn’t it the case that they of all players are seeking to avoid a crisis?

  • Pete Baker

    “Why are they all on the same page pete?”

    Didn’t Gerry deliver, as Jonathan Powell he promised, his party across the policing rubicon?

    As I said, percy, “with the collusion of the securocrats NIO”.

    And you need to go back and read more carefully what those three have actually said.

    Or even, watch the video above again.

    *Hint* It’s all about the conditions on the ground – not any alleged commitments from St Andrews.

  • percy

    Re: Conditions on the ground

    1) The polls are supportive.

    2) Hugh Orde:

    “But it does seem to me that as long as these political arguments continue, the conditions will remain to make our life more difficult and our policing service more challenged, because the recruiting ground for these lunatics will remain quite fertile”

    Needless to say the DUP weren’t too happy hearing that; perhaps they felt a little red-faced, being the party of “decency” and “law and order” to be reminded who benefits from any delay by the Chief of Police.


  • Pete Baker


    “The polls are supportive.”

    That would be the securocrat’s NIO’s poll?

    And, funnily enough, Sinn Féin weren’t too happy with Hugh Orde’s intervention.

    Wonder why that was, percy?

    No mention of commitments, probably..

  • percy

    Suprising intervention by SF, which could well be a blunder.
    In chess terms I think it loses a piece.

  • percy

    At any rate the best method to resolve this difficulty is via the “socratic” method,
    as opposed to the “securocratic” method.

  • percy

    at any rate peteb you’ll find that virtually no-one in the political arean is talking about “indigenous deals” anymore.
    The debate has moved on, certainly for the Irish Independent, and the PSNI the worry is dissidents:


    “Indeed the failure of DUP to recognise this, and the lack of political sensitivity to the need to sustain, at times, their partner in government, is a matter of real concern (a failure, it must be said, which is at times mutual).

  • fair_deal

    “the need to sustain, at times, their partner in government, is a matter of real concern ”

    The one flaw in Hayes analysis is that this is a mandatory coalition not a voluntary one. The behaviour he describes is essentially how different parties would behave in a voluntary coalition.

  • percy

    I don’t think it will happen; but I’d hate to see the Assembly collapse, the dissidents gather strength, and we’re back where we started, at war.

    All because the DUP listened to the negative rump in their party, rather than what everyone else is saying.
    This could happen, that’s my reading of the article. Robinson is proving a lousy leader, appealing only to an out-moded, lets get the shinners, populism in his own party.

  • I’d like to see a few of these dissidents ‘shopped’ before id agree to pj coming over…

    im sure Robbo’s no different or indeed any right thinking individual…