Death Knell for Lá Nua

It seems that Foras na Gaeilge has decided to pull the plug on Lá Nua, the daily Irish language “newspaper”.
Foras are about to announce a public competition to select a company to publish a WEEKLY newspaper and to provide an online service. They’re offering up to €400,000 per annum to the successful applicant.

Foras rightly say there aren’t enough readers at present to sustain a daily newspaper. Lá Nua’s sales figures demonstrate that the market is simply not big enough, they say, adding that “that is not to say that the market will never be big enough.”

While Lá has earned its place in history, the current manifestation is, to put it mildly, doing a disservice to the Irish speaking community.

It will be interesting to see if anyone challenges Foinse 12-year run.