“know more than just the identities of dissident terrorists..”

It’s been a busy week for the Northern Ireland Secretary of State [and his butler? – Ed]. Apart from today’s kerfuffle, there has been a poll to publish, and publicise, the Prime Minister to meet, and greet, and on Wednesday Shaun Woodward, MP, was at the Police Federation’s Annual Conference where he praised “The bravery and dedication of PSNI officers [which] has resulted in a police service that is embraced by all sections of the community in a ‘new’ Northern Ireland.” I’m not sure if he stayed to hear the chairman Terry Spence’s address.. As reported in the Irish Times

[Terry Spence] added: “I urge everyone in politics to think long term about the greater good of Northern Ireland and to take whatever steps are necessary to stabilise the institutions so that we have a more secure future for everyone.”

Mr Spence then challenged members of Sinn Féin to pass to the police any intelligence they have about the activities of so-called dissident republicans.

“The federation firmly believes that many mainstream republicans, including members of Sinn Féin, know more than just the identities of dissident terrorists,” he said.

Well, according to the IMC, the Provisional IRA have been “gathering information or intelligence” on them.. And According to a BBC report, the not-a-political-policeman Chief Constable Hugh Orde has intervened

Northern Ireland’s chief constable has urged politicians to resolve their differences in order to marginalise dissident republicans. Sir Hugh Orde said the failure to provide “political top cover” left a vacuum which dissidents were trying to exploit with attacks on police.

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  • Ulsters my homeland

    where are all the shinners?

  • Ulsters my homeland

    What’s going on in Dungannon? Was Eamonn Hughes killed by dissidents? It seems strange that ordinary hoods would tackle a man of Eamonn Hughes stature in the community, especially when he was buried with a tricolour over his coffin and a Republican guard at his funeral.

  • “the failure to provide “political top cover” left a vacuum”

    I don’t think so, Hugh; I think the totemic “Ireland unfree ….” still applies, especially in the lead-up to significant anniversaries.

  • Given what’s known about the recording of the Omagh bombers by MI5, perhaps Mr Spence should ask the same question of the agents of the British State. He should also ask his colleagues in the Special Branch what they know – my guess is they know the Social Insurance numbers of the dissident terrorists….so they can be paid…..

    And perhaps he should ask the DUP about their knowledge of their fellow travellers in loyalist terror organisations, still holding on to their guns, still dealing in drugs, still up to their necks in criminality….

  • Tir Eoghain Gael

    Those scumbags that stabbed Eamonn Hughes were nothing more than hoods, [See Commenting Policy – edited moderator]

  • Surely it cannot be too difficult for this small rump of refuseniks to be scooped up?
    The PSNI & Garda should be able to handle such an operation……..

  • Dublin voter

    Phil a chara,

    Yes, gather the evidence and scoop them up when you have enough to charge them. But no to scooping them up through internment or by cutting corners with the rule of law.
    The important thing to remember is that, within the republican community, support for the GFA and its institutions is a delicate flower. There are people who support SF who could move over to supporting the dissidents if they feel that the authorities are treating them unfairly.
    The only way the dissidents will be beaten is if they are deprived of the oxygen of support within the republican community.
    I’d intern them all in the morning if I thought it would work. But it won’t.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    “[i]Those scumbags that stabbed Eamonn Hughes were nothing more than hoods”[/i]

    but if they are dissidents, surely they have a political right to murder for mother Ireland?

  • borderline


    you quote Pearse at the grave of O’Donovan Rossa in 1915:

    “They think that they have foreseen everything, think that they have provided against everything; but the fools, the fools, the fools! — they have left us our Fenian dead, and, while Ireland holds these graves, Ireland unfree shall never be at peace.”

    Compare and contrast Bertie the bung receiver in Washington this spring:

    “Our prayer has been answered. Our faith has been rewarded. After so many decades of conflict, I am so proud, Madam Speaker, to be the first Irish leader to inform the United States Congress: Ireland is at peace.”

    A portrait of Pearse dominated Bertie’s office.

    We shall see which of them is correct.

    My money is on Pearse.

  • Tir Eoghain Gael

    [See Commenting Policy – edited moderator]

    Devolve P&J;Now!!

  • RepublicanStones

    The lads who murdered Eamonn were little scumbags from the Ponda. UMH is playing his usual role here, best ignore him.

  • I wasnt suggesting internment DV-just that surely these Dissident types could be caught red handed given the use of informers and the modern technology.
    On this side of the line (Donegal) we can never rule out police incompetence I’m afraid.

    What DO these dissidents hope they can achieve?

    Of all hopeless projects their “war” must be right down there…..

  • Borderline on speech was in 1915
    One in 2008.

    Things have moved on slightly between both those dates…………

  • Veritas

    Yeah PMGB, some things have moved on between those dates.

    PSF have moved on Stormont, consent, decomissioning, PSNI, etc. etc.

  • Much more than that Veritas I would argue.
    Physical force Republicanism is in the past.
    It is part of the past and cannot be denied or written out of the record.
    My Mayo family were out in 1916 agus bhi siad sa cogadh na saoirse.
    History. Past. Over.
    Only a microscopic element of northern nationalist society cannot see that now-sadly.
    They should stop.
    If they dont they should-as my previous post stated-be scooped up by the police.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    Eamon Hughes was indeed murdered by dissidents. Not Republican dissidents but dissidents from the human race.There is no mileage here for you, UMH, and you still are not behaving as a guest should in another’s country.

  • Reader

    Pancho’s Horse: There is no mileage here for you, UMH, and you still are not behaving as a guest should in another’s country.
    Do you regard all unionists as guests in a country that is not their own? And are Alliance supporters just 50% foreign? Is there freedom of speech in the country from which UMH is posting? If UMH posted the same thoughts from England, would that be OK with you?
    I am trying to get to grips with your mindset here. It looks rather narrow from my viewpoint.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    I only refer to the ones who don’t want to be here, who deny being born here and can’t exist without referring to Mammy Mainland. The Irish (ie those born in Ireland) are most welcome. Broad enough for you, a chara?

  • Pancho’s Horse

    …………. and UMH is posting from Ireland where there is reasonable freedom of speech. Had he been posting from Britain I would welcome his interest as an observer. The Alliance supporters are a figment of their own imagination.

  • Reader

    Pancho’s Horse: I only refer to the ones who don’t want to be here, who deny being born here and can’t exist without referring to Mammy Mainland.
    Someone who tags himself as “Ulster’s My Homeland” is hardly denying being born here. He’s just refusing to accept *your* label for here.
    And how should a ‘guest’ behave? Is it unacceptable for him to poke fun at the constitutional pretensions of the dissident rump of republicanism? He would hardly be alone there – even in mixed company.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    Reader, I would be interested to know what you mean by “the constitutional pretensions of the dissident rump of republicanism”? And UMH denies being Irish so what is he? The region he calls Britain, he was not born in so how long can his British citizen ship run? How many generations before he is Irish? And can he not answer for himself?

  • PH
    “The Irish (ie those born in Ireland) are most welcome. Broad enough for you, a chara?”

    I take it there is also a welcome for the returned diaspora?

  • Pancho’s Horse

    Certainly, Phil, after quarantine and political re-education.

  • Where do I sign up for the class? LOL