Three Executive Parties to meet

The UUP, SDLP and DUP Executive Ministers are to hold their own meeting to discuss:

“the energy and cost-of-living crisis and, in particular, a set of proposals from Social Development Minister Margaret Ritchie which include the idea of a £32 million relief package to help up to 160,000 homeowners with their electricity and gas bills.”

  • ‘IF’ Arlene wins today…

    that Executive meeting would be a decent headline for Robbo…

    “Arelene’s result today proves the fact that the ordinary voter wants the Assembly to tackle the really important issues of the hour – rising energy costs, etc etc etc…”

    interesting afternoon ahead…

  • Mandates and Moneybags

    More powder puff propaganda from the Newsletter. Like the army council members going for a round of golf, a quick chat and cup an tae by some members is not an Executive meeting nor an unofficial Executive meeting.

  • David Cather

    An excellent idea, ok it doesn’t have Executive authority, but it sends a clear signal as to who is cimmited to the process and who is trying to wreck it.

  • eranu

    am i missing something, or is the reason the executive isnt meeting because one party has decided to veto/block official executive meetings?
    if thats the case then i have to wonder about the intelligence of the people who designed and agreed to a system that is vulnerable to break down. it would seem to be not only poor design but deliberately designing in a handbrake that anyone can pull and force the system to stop. To me thats utter stupidity.
    if thats the system, id love to hear someone justify why its set up in such a way?

  • michael

    ‘id love to hear someone justify why its set up in such a way?’

    I may be wrong, but was the intent not to have consensus government. I.e. all parties working together for the betterment of all rather than parties working for there own interests (normal politicing, I know!).

    A good way of encouraging people to reach consensus would be in this way. All or nothing.

    What was it Tony Blair said about the NI process being like a bicycle?

  • Quagmire

    First we have Durkan’s “uncle Tom” comments suggesting a return to Unionist majority rule, now we have the stoop Minister cosying up and colluding with Empey et al. The SDLP should stop pretending to be a nationalist party. They have clearly nailed their colours to the Unionist mast. Indeed perhaps if they ask Reg and Peter nicely, they might be afforded the opportunity to pass another birds act in Durkan’s new “post nationalist” majority rule administration.

  • Gav


    ‘Cosying up and colluding with Empey et al’

    As a party, the SDLP aren’t known for their history of collusion, you’d have to ask the provos about that.

    What Margaret Ritchie is concerned about is the 160, 000 households being denied lower electricity bills at a time when they desperately need it. It would be foolish and cynical to assume that the SDLP would put your form of ‘nationalism’ ahead of doing what is right for the people of the north.

  • eranu

    “all parties working together for the betterment of all rather than parties working for there own interests”
    im all for that too. but i wouldnt have allowed a way to block or stop the system. i would keep the consensus requirement from U/N, but it would be a majority of the mlas that are present at any meetings or votes in the chamber or whatever the business is. so if a party doesnt turn up to an executive meeting or a vote on something then thats fair enough, they dont get to vote. i suppose you would need 3 mlas from one side to get a majority from that tribe, but it would reduce the chances of one or two party’s tantrums from holding everyone back. perhaps even a rule that if no mlas show up from one tribe then the other tribe has the entire vote.

    if some executive ministers dont show up for an executive meeting then thats there own lookout. the others should be free to get on with business.

    i dont know of any other system where a party can stop the function of government by not showing up . the idea that that can happen is totally crazy.

  • “cost-of-living crisis”

    Conor Murphy tells people to get on their bike (my summary):

    Now is the time for leading employers to get their employees out of their cars in favour of more sustainable modes of transport.

    With increasing fuel costs and traffic congestion, Transport Minister Conor Murphy is encouraging private and public employers to be supportive to sustainable transport, as part of his message during the Once a Week campaign which marks the start of Travelwise Week in association with European Mobility Week (15-21 September). The Once a Week campaign encourages people to leave the car behind, where they can, in favour of public transport, cycling and walking.

  • runciter

    the stoop Minister cosying up and colluding with Empey et al.

    Exactly right. Don’t they know that stooping is SF’s job now?

    BTW – any opinion on the SF/DUP plan to deny nationalists control of P&J;?