The party’s over…

AFTER 23 years in business, it looks like next month will see the end for the Progressive Democrats. After crisis talks in Kildare, leader Ciaran Cannon (Who? – Ed) said the four TDs senior members who form the parliamentary party agreed that the PDs were no longer viable. A conference to decide on the party’s future seems like a foregone conclusion after the dismal assessment by its key players.

  • Crow

    Four TD’s? Unfortunately, if they had that many they would probably stick around. I think it is just two; Mary Harney and Noel Grealish.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Thanks – fixed.

  • Alas, if nothing else they gave the world Liz O’Donnell.

  • slug

    There is now no liberal party in the ROI.

    ROI politics continues curiouser and curiouser as the FF/FG dominance continues.

  • they were an anti- Charlie Haughey party, and now that he a resident of hell, the PDS are not needed anymore. they have passed their sell by date!

  • slug

    In other news Irish Times report today that FF have decided not to venture to NI.

  • Jer

    The anti-charlie angle was easy to wear though. Once he was gone they spent pretty much all their existence aligned with Charlie’s party. RTE history might remember them as an anti-corruption party but real historians will ask what did they really achieve on that front. If they had pulled the plug in early 2007 then who knows what might have happened.
    Did the PDs ever really get out of the Fianna Fail-lite mode.

  • slug

    Does this strengthen FG?

  • Rory

    Tears are streaming down my cheek as I read this news – but then I always did enjoy a good laugh.

    The epitaph on this Cannon must surely be that he went off “not with a bang but a whimper”.*

    *With apologies to TS Elliot.

  • RepublicanStones

    Johnny Guitar is spot on……Liz is an OBAG !

  • Not all the news is bad then.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    “There is now no liberal party in the ROI.”

    The PDs were liberal?

    While it was great that the PD’s formed as an anti-Fianna Fail/ anti-corruption/anti-Haughey party, Sadly they were out of touch with the common working folk, which is why they went belly up. Harney & McDowell’s fault. Running aloof middle class TD’s in working class areas is a definite no no. The Labour Party will go the same way in time!

  • Harry Flashman

    The people who laid the groundwork for Ireland’s massive increase in prosperity are now no longer required and with typical Irish gobshitery they get a good kick when they’re down.

    I remember Ireland in the 1970’s and early ’80’s, I have to tell you that the Irish people owe an inestimable debt of gratitude to the PD’s.

  • I remember when,in the 1960s,the Ulster Liberals headed south to help set up a Liberal Party in the Republic.Time for the Alliance Party to do the same thing.