I can’t believe it’s “Not the Executive”?

It looks like someone has a cunning plan.. [Does it involve a turnip? – Ed]. In which case, why bother with an Executive at all? Mark Devenport has it right.

The exchange of letters between Martin McGuinness and Peter Robinson over fuel poverty reads like the blame game starting before the September 18th deadline has been broken. Perhaps they will sort it out early next week, but expect lots of “Not the Executive” type meetings tomorrow as ministers demonstrate how much they care about those “bread and butter” issues.

Adds Hmm.. Reading this report it looks like Martin McGuinness needs to read that speech again.

Mr McGuinness said: “Gordon Brown laid it on the line yesterday that he expects everybody to fulfil their obligations under the St Andrew’s Agreement. “We have done that. I think others need to do the same.”

Then he can accompany Gerry Adams as they both go back and read that agreement again too.