The OTHER North American election

I didn’t hear until last night that Canada is also to have an election this year, this despite recent legislation fixing the terms of Canadian Parliaments introduced by the incumbent Conservative Government. Brian Crowe has a much fuller exploration of the issues for those who are interested.

  • It doesn’t explain why Harper lied when he introduced a fixed date law with a date of Oct.2009 only to claim “oh I didn’t mean minority governments”. But then I doubt the ability of someone with Harper-McCain on the sidebar to fully explore that issue. Maybe he could also take some time to explore the Bloc Quebecois’ denunciation of a Tory candidate in Quebec for being an Opus Dei member with all the interesting social policy views that usually go with that organisation.

  • Parson

    Tut tut, Michael. I thought you followed Canadian politics keenly…

  • Jonathan Kennedy

    Slightly awkward for Stephen Harper to call a federal election which breaks his own rules, but he has been struggling to govern with a minority government for a while.

    Perhaps more interesting is how the national television and radio networks in Canada have decided not to allow the Green Party leader to take part in televised debates, apparently because if they did the other main party leaders would not take part.

    The Greens and the Liberals have agreed not to stand opposing candidates in both Quebec and Nova Scotia, leading Harper to accuse her of effectively endorsing the Liberals in those provinces. Although in his response Gilles Duceppe, the leader of the federal separatist party (excuse the near oxymoron here…) says simply that because they have no seats in Parliament, they shouldn’t be allowed to debate!

  • Quebec will be ground zero next month; the Tories won 5 seats in the last federal election in entirely Francophone ridings in the suburbs of Quebec City, largely on the back of the CHOI-FM issue. That’s probably the first time in a century the Tories have won real French Quebec ridings without a pact with the PQ. If the Tories can get a bandwagon going in Quebec, an awful lot of Bloc seats could fall.

    But the mathematics mean the Quebec Tories are a bit like the SNP in Scotland – a significant rise in support nets almost nothing; but once it tips up a little bit more, it’s like a tsunami.

    The big result for the centre-right ADQ shows that Quebec might be ready to make a turn to the right after four decades sitting firmly on the left; their poor performance since last year’s Quebec Assembly election may make voters think twice about the Tories. Any Tory revival in Quebec will have to have a very different character than Ralph Klein-style Western Protestant Conservatism; Quebeckers remain Canada’s strongest secularists and strongest backers of gay marriage.

    Oh, and to read up on what locals are saying on their local contests from Vancouver Island to Abitibi-Témiscamingue, visit

  • fair_deal

    BC post is bang on Harper has been doing some interesting things in Canada worthy of examining.

  • Dewi

    Vive le Quebec Libre

  • Quebec can be libre as long as they pay their share of the national debt on the way out the door.

  • BfB

    If only they had some oil…….
    They’ve got the shoddy oppressive regime,
    human rights atrocities abound….
    Racist Bastards!
    However, we consider that killing women in public beatings, or burning them alive are not part of our standards of life.
    We listen to music, we drink alcoholic beverages in public or private places, we dance and at the end of every year we decorate a tree with balls and tinsel and some lights.

  • Steve

    I agree Mark and thats what we told them the last time…… they have gone all quiet on that whole independance thing

  • Tazia Doll

    The Conservative Party Harper’s leadership, has avoided any debate on the most controversial social issues, Gille Duceppe on the other hand feels the need to paint Harper as a right wing fundie. Ken Epp’s Unborn Victims of Crime bill. Epps’ Bill C-484 is a case example, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson wanted govt. legislation to evade C-484.

    “Quebeckers remain Canada’s strongest secularists and strongest backers of gay marriage.”

    Is there a market for that? One of the problems with gay stuff, is that they ask for programs they don’t actually want.

    I have seen meeting notes, that described conferences whih were pro-civic union campaigns, and simultaneously discussed measure targeting gay people who promoted civic unions.

    It is often very complex politics. It is one of the reasons that I have very reluctantly had to become involved in Pride Belfast. What it says on the tin isn’t always what they actually doing.

    Peter Tatchell, for example, is hardly a mainstream person for Amnesty to be bringing to Belfast.

    ‘Foreigners take lead in Toronto same-sex weddings
    Fri Jun 22, 2007 6:21 PM EDT148

    TORONTO (Reuters) – In the city that was home to Canada’s first legalized gay wedding — and the host of the country’s biggest and brashest Pride Week celebrations — so far this year only one marriage license has been issued to a Canadian same-sex couple.’

  • Vive le Quebec Libre

    Not likely this time, Dewi, the Bloc are heading for their worst tanking in decades.

    Is there a market for that?

    If Harper allows himself to be painted as a gun-toting, gay-hating, religious fundie from the praries just itching to outlaw abortion, there is a huge market for being opposed to that in Central Canada. So far, Harper has made sure he can’t be successfully painted as that, and has kept the more hardline of his backbenchers well shut up.

    I think you’re talking about quite a different issue about what do gay lobbyists lobby for when they’ve already achieved equality. An interesting question, but not one that I believe is pertinent here.

  • Dewi

    “Not likely this time, Dewi, the Bloc are heading for their worst tanking in decades.”

    Yep – ain’t Zeitgeist strange – Sammy – u seen fivethirtyeight on US election?
    Brilliant site

  • Oh yeah! Although it’s a bit Dem-slanted.

  • BfB

    If Harper allows himself to be painted as a gun-toting, gay-hating, religious fundie from the praries just itching to outlaw abortion, there is a huge market for being opposed to that in Central Canada.

    Err, would that be the God hating, baby killing, pro-criminal crowd (but well dressed, and good dancers)?

  • Steve

    Bob get your haeid out your arse the fumes is starting to get to you

  • BfB

    A simple yes or no would do. Although if you can’t understand the difference between the two, we can blame it on your indoctrination (formerly known as education).