A success story on sectarian crime?

In a report about advances in community policing it is claimed that it helped avert between 171 and 198 serious sectarian incidents in Larne DCU.

  • f_d, that News Letter link looks more like a PSNI press release than a professional news report.

  • Dec


    If you’re looking for professional news reporting, the news Letter is the last place you should look

    Still, it must have been a slow day for DUP press releases as the Newsletter usually just prints those verbatim. Space to fill and that.

  • [aside]Dec, I think professional news reporting is important for the proper functioning of democracy.

    Sam McBride of the News Letter appears to be the only MSM journalist who’s prepared to report the Rathlin ferry contract investigations, a story that could easily eclipse the Ian Paisley jnr debacle.

    PS Can anyone explain why Declan O’Loan put out a press release saying that all was well [my summary] when he was one of the politicians left to twiddle his thumbs and there are three investigations being carried out in-house by DRD? After all, neither the DRD nor DFP are departments with SDLP ministers.

  • Big Maggie


    You’re right of course. It’s hard to describe the following as professional news reporting.

    A recent report into community policing in the Larne area found that between 171 and 198 serious sectarian incidents were averted in the Larne area which could have cost £9,200

    I mean to say where did these lies, damned lies statistics come from? Between 171 and 198? Why not between 150 and 200? Who writes this shit, or more to the point, who concocts it? And How TF did they arrive at the total of £9200? Why not £10000? What’s it based on, a tarot reading? The entire piece stinks. They need a good sub-editor on the News Letter.

  • Rory

    Calm down, Maggie. It was a PR wallah that wrote the copy and it was an accountant wallah that calculated the monetary value estimate. That’s the way it was done; that’s the way it was always done. It was ever thus, they say. The mere fact that it is infuriatlingly fuckin’ stupid is no reason to upset tradition.

  • Big Maggie


    Thanks, I’m calm. Just wished to highlight the way stats get bandied about by journos who think no one will notice. It’s like when I read that ‘about 17 rioters were present’. Well, I always think, was it 16 or 18 and could nobody count?