“a time when maximum pressure needs to be maintained..”

Mark Devenport questions the choreography of the IMC report with the DUP reiterating their position. And, having had their claims of an imaginary DUP commitment to devolve policing and justice powers by May 2008 comprehensively rebutted, Sinn Féin’s Alex Maskey has reverted to referring to this being “a time when maximum pressure needs to be maintained on the British government to deliver their St. Andrews Agreement commitments in this area”. Unfortunately for Sinn Féin, the only commitment made by the UK government in this area was to file the report on those powers, by the Assembly Review Committee, in the parliamentary library.. which they have done. To do anything else without the Northern Ireland Assembly’s agreement would be a “constitutional nonsense”. So, now that we’re certainly not in May, why do Sinn Féin continue to lie about to misrepresent what they actually negotiated? Why, indeed..