More flag wars

Sinn Fein councillor Johnny Gibbon has written a letter of protest after the Equality Commission refused to ban Craigavon Council from flying the London 2012 Olympic Flag. The flag ended up flying over Craigavon Civic Centre for four hours last Sunday afternoon. Mr. Gibbon objected to the flag as it is based on the Union flag and as such would have contravened the council policy of flying the Union Flag only on specific days.

Mr Gibbon stated: “There was also a choice of a plain Olympics Flag that did not incorporate the Union Flag and I proposed this one could be flown, but I was out-voted. The council had an opportunity to show leadership and to send out a signal to the nationalist population, but again it failed.”

In reply the Deputy Mayor Arnold Hutch (UUP) said: “This is typical of Sinn Fein councillors. They are totally opposed to all things British, and when the commission — which usually finds in their favour — actually opposed them, they react like spoilt children.”