“It’s not a case of threatening anything..”

The Irish Times picks up on Sinn Féin’s Dáil party leader, Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin, threat to collapse the Northern Ireland Executive take the ball away – and some of the subsequent reaction. But the Irish Independent carries the party’s Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald’s clarification of Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin’s comments.

During a press event on the Lisbon Treaty fallout in Dublin, Ms McDonald appeared to tone down the original threat made by Mr O Caolain. “It’s very clear we need to deliver any agreements that we’ve had with the DUP and the two governments. The devolution of policing and justice has to happen. We, in our party, have worked for years and are very committed to the process under way, but we need to start seeing results,” she said.

“We have agreements in terms of justice and policing, in terms of the Irish language act, and so on, and we want to see those delivered on. “It’s not a case of threatening anything. It’s just a case of recommitting ourselves to actually delivering.”

A good place to start would be a clarification on the details of what agreements you actually have. The drifting looks set to continue..

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  • cynic

    I agree. One assumes that these ‘agreements’ are written down somewhere so let’s see them. Then we can judge who if anyone) is endangering the institutions.

  • Rooster Cogburn

    There’s a word I feel sure even the most docile of Sinn Fein’s followers are beginning to reach for apropos their ‘leaders’. Now what is it? cats? felines? moggies? No, that’s not quite it, but I’m sure even the lumpenvoters of West Belfast are that bit closer to using it than once they were. Oh and I knew that Gezza n’ Murderin’ Mart were keen on their British salaries, titles, ranks, job, dignities and pensions, but whoever thought they’d aspire to be Grand Old Dukes of York?

  • tienan

    wishy washy stooping drivel from McDonald