Moving team GB forward

As Mick pointed out, I did an interview with Radio 4’s iPM earlier in the week, in which they were interested to draw out some discussion around this post I did more than 18 months ago. It was broadcast earlier this evening and you can listen to it here.

Interesting to me is the very unsatisfactory response from the Chief Executive of the BOA, who thinks that changing the name from Team GB to Team UK would be pointless, as the BOA represents all British overseas dependencies and Crown dependencies which do not have their own Olympic Committee. Which is an argument that there is no point in changing the name of the team to represent a country that actually exists, as it still wouldn’t fully represent all those under its auspices. Which is strange, as his own website has this to say:

Team GB is the Great Britain and Northern Ireland Olympic Team.

No mention of overseas dependencies there. I said it twice in the interview, and I’ll say it again here – there is no good reason not to change the name.