Answers on a postcard please?

The following description has been passed on to me by a walker who spent Saturday on the North Coast.

The scene is beside the car park at the carrick-a-reed rope bridge.

“I was with a friend doing some sightseeing on the wettest day of the year, and having set out for a stroll to get a better view of the rope bridge (which was closed due to bad weather) we came upon three men in a piece of exposed ground under a large cliff face. So strange was the situation that I’m not sure if it was performance art or some patients on day release. One man was sitting on a fold-up stool. He was bald, quite old and wearing some manner of an upside down hat, which contained a shoe mould as well as a child’s shoe. Another large, oldish character was wearing a high viz jacket and lying on the ground staring at a boules/petanque ball. He occasionally…got up to throw it (badly, according to my friend, the boules expert) and follow after the ball, before getting back down on the ground and resuming his staring. Meanwhile, the third man who was younger than the rest produced a rusty bicycle wheel from a bag and began rolling it around the rough ground. Every so often he would squeeze an old-fashioned low pitched car horn, which sounded not unlike a duck quacker. This was taking place at approximately 2.30pm on Saturday afternoon. My questions: are there surrealists at large on the Causeway Coast? And if so, naturally, is this art? Or is a local institution missing some of its in-patients.?”

  • joeCanuck

    Paisley family outing?

  • bona fide

    Peter, this sounds very surreal – just glad I wasn’t there (too upsetting). In that torrential rain as well?…gotta be mentalists (i sincerely hope they’re not & haven’t escaped) but (either way), hope that they get ‘home’ soon).

  • Kaido

    2014 Irish Olympic Cheese Rolling team in training.
    Cheeses now out of season so substitutes needed.

    Potential Platinum medal rumoured.

    My logic has always been considered as faultless.

  • Damien Okado-Gough

    You must have seen the group of street performers in Derry who would often do stuff like this around the city centre at the weekends. One of them is called James King, if I remember rightly. It could have been them. It certainly sounds like them.

  • Sounds like a Kelly and Bloomer investigation

  • Rory

    Peter, if your friend thinks that oddly dressed men doing strange things with balls and outlandish instruments is disturbing you had better advise him not ever to spectate at a golf tournament – or a cricket match for that matter. (God, cricket! – shudders).

  • eranu

    sounds like a classic case of over doing the old recreational drugs! i would suggest the walker was actually sitting at home with his mate tripping their nuts off and imagined he was at the carrick-a-reed rope bridge. the entire episode probably only took 5-10 seconds thinking but in his mind it could have been a full day out..
    evidence to back this up would be that no one goes sight seeing on the wettest day of the year!

  • Rory

    Sounds like good gear, Eranu, can you score some for me?

  • Peter’s Friend

    Those guys were truly disturbing. Tripping we weren’t. We hadn’t even made it to Bushmills at that point!

  • Gregory Carlin

    I’ve done that, I don’t see what’s wrong with it, it’s recreational, it may be art, but it is a good day out. It is far more sane than getting rescued by a helicopter which furrin touriss do. I frequently sit under the lime kiln blowing a horn, the one with a rubber bulb, not a French horn, I’m not crazy or anything. I see people at Edenderry two days ago trying to walk through puddles, where is that coming from? They wee trying to get to Lisburn by walking underwater, that’s crazy.

  • Gregory

    “One of them is called James King, if I remember rightly. It could have been them. It certainly sounds like them.”

    Is that still happening?

  • Rory

    We must not be negative about “this sort of thing”. Indeed we should encourage it to foster and grow. Perhaps one day it might even replace Orangefest and then we really would have a tourist attraction.