Sammy Wilson’s climate scepticism

Environment Minister, Sammy Wilson, is quoted in this morning’s Newsletter on the flooding of the Broadway underpass. He claims, erroneously, that the flash floods contradict scientific climate change predictions of warming in the northern hemisphere. Wilson’s comments are not supported by the most recent findings. For example, Jonathan Cowie’s Climate Change: Biological and Human Impacts (2007), concludes that increased major floods could well happen in the summer despite European summers becoming drier. Seemingly paradoxically, computer models predict an increase in intense summer rainfall with global warming. Instead of the less rain being spread across summer months, there will a tendency for this precipitation to clump into extreme weather events (Christensen and Christensen, 2002). The climate blogger, Climate Progress, also cites scientific findings that undermine the Minister’s position. Mr Wilson is not moved by any of the science. Instead, he has informed the Irish News that ‘he is not going to engage in a frivolous sideshow argument on climate change.’