McNarry wants an apology from Conservatives

David McNarry has demanded a public apology from the Conservatives over the anti-Orange Order article that appeared on the local website. The Conservatives have distanced themselves from the article written by a senior local member. A spokesperson said they had total respect for the Orange Institution and:

“The Conservative Party has no issue with the Orange Order. It is a perfectly legal organisation and many of its members are engaged in charity and church work.”

UPDATE The McNarry statement also seems to be different from HQ’s position , it had responded to the attack by saying:

“Judging by its most recent ill-tempered statement, the DUP Press Office appears to be having a bad few days. The accusation that the UUP is engaged in a ‘diatribe’ against other unionists is quite frankly laughable – it was, after all, the DUP’s Edwin Poots who first attacked the UUP and members of the Orange Order in a highly inflammatory manner. It is highly regrettable that the DUP have – yet again – chosen to bring the Order into partisan politics.”