RTÉ.. and the ongoing rehabilitation of Bertie Ahern..

Former Taoiseach, now international negotiator and current Fianna Fáil TD, Bertie Ahern is to be a guest presenter on public-owned RTÉ’s show ‘The Road to Croker’ later this month. The RTÉ Authority, to whom RTÉ’s Executive Board reports via the Director General, was recently re-appointed by the Republic of Ireland’s Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources.. Still, it will probably help take the public’s Bertie’s mind off those recent Mahon Tribunal appearances..

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  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    Wait a minute! Are you really suggesting a TV company have invited a well-known guest onto their popular TV show?

    It’s almost as if the TV company are hoping that his presence will appeal to viewers who may tune in in even greater numbers, thereby allowing the advertising rates to go up for slots around that show.

    I for one shall be blogging about this – AT CONSIDERABLE LENGTH.

  • Pete Baker

    “I for one shall be blogging about this – AT CONSIDERABLE LENGTH.”

    Don’t forget to provide a link, bJ..

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    whogivesatoss.com/ramblingblogspot 😉

    Scuse my cheek and I’ll make my point in a less sarcastic way: I clicked on every link you added and came to the conclusion that you have simply provided information on something that’s on RTE, as opposed to some issue of import or politics. I could be wrong but I thought you were suggesting skullduggery? Otherwise why mention RTE is publicly owned or why mention all the RTE stuff? Is there something amiss?

  • Pete Baker

    “Is there something amiss?”

    That would be the question posed, bJ.

    I’m not answering it, btw, just asking it.

    The commercial reasoning that you’ve highlighted is taken for granted, or it should be, but there is the potential for a political by-product of that reasoning.

    Here’s a refresher course on blogging.

    It’ll help with whogivesatoss.com.

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    Fair enough

  • This has probably got more to do with RTÉ’s forthcoming three parter documentary on Bertie Ahern, “the most popular Taoiseach in recent years” and drumming up some advertising revenue. Given RTÉ’s recent history on such documentaries – the praiseach on Des O’Malley being the standard bearer – this is where the rehab might take place.

  • It was Sammy McNally what done it


    RTE – would be better served spending their money on paying someone to keep their website up to date as it does not appear to be updated over the weekend – instead of paying money to Berty – who as the tribunals have shown has access to a number of other sources for the green paper stuff most of which were highly irregular.

    Not sure if Berty was instrumental (behind the scenes) in getting rid of the the brilliant RTE Radio program “Tonight with Vincent Brown” because it highlighted the shockingly low standards in public life which were such a feature of the ruling party.

  • jers

    A man noted for his speaking skills and ability to communicate in aclear style; a man who is renowned for being able to answer yes or no when needed and not maybe or can you repeat the question. well done rte. You know who buttered your bread and we all know who buttered the other fellows bread.

  • Pete Baker

    Indeed, concubhar.

    And a little softening up of the public in advance of that three-parter won’t hurt.

  • Eoin O’ Callaghan

    Ah yes my fellow want to be democrates our beloved ex leader gets yet more sycophantic coverage from the national broadcaster to whom i am legally compelled to pay my licence fee, you gotta love the even handedness. What the chinse leaders would do for such control over their media. Am i the only one who suspects that the coverage and the use of all that money he got might not be coincidental?

  • pfhl

    Imagine asking Dublin’s most famous GAA supporter to take park in a programme about the sam maguire which dublin are strong contenders for. Anybody who follow’s GAA must think of Bertie when they hear the dubs mentioned. He never fails to be there and croker is in drumcondra afterall. Maybe another reason for his love of GAA. Pete, you are very cynical on this matter.

  • Eoin O’ Callaghan

    Dear phfl,

    yes ideed such a true football fan, supports man u an all now please explain to me why he is allowed such frequent free access and by way of balence Jimmy Dennihan, from kerry and FG who actually knows something about football doesn’t get a look in, when you are finished explain to me why this man of the people bull gets repeated ad infinitum, he wasn’t then nor is he now a ‘man of the people’ he was the most over rated the most corrupt the luckiest and the one who got the most sycophantic coverage of any politican this country ever saw, and yes i smell a rodent of rather large proportions.

    onto stuff that really matters, to all those in Omagh on today of all days, however little it helps our thoughts are with you. May those who are gone give you strenght god knows those in power down here haven’t been much use.