Why would we want to go home early?

A serious conflict somewhere in the world. Casualties building by the hour both civilian and military with some risk of a full scale invasion of Georgia by Russia. The threat to a strategic oil pipeline pushing up world oil prices. Never mind all that a local angle must be found and the News Letter have done it finding two local tourists who are refusing to hurry home. One of them said:

“We’re Ulstermen and we’ve paid for this holiday and we’re going to enjoy it. The drink and food is cheap and the people are wonderful and this is a very interesting time to be here – why would we want to go home early?”

  • No matter how bad it gets, at least, they got the priorities right, (The drink and food is cheap).

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    Honestly, those PSNI “Policing in a Conflict” advisors absolutely fucking LOVE it, don’t they?!

  • they could always start blogging….

  • Greenflag

    As the Kerryman clinging to the top of Carrantuohill shouted to Noah when the latter refused to take him on board the Ark during the Great Flood .

    ‘Arrra feck off then ye oul bollix shure it’s only a shower anyway ‘

    Human nature being what it is we can all get used to what to others would seem ‘abnormal’ be it rainfall or conflict 🙂

  • Ex Pat Pat

    Both these (fool)hardy tourists have a political past. They used to write for the erstwhile Young Unionist magazine, Ulster Review.

    Not sure how they stand politically but it seems like they still have a liking for sticking their head in the sand in the face of impending disaster.

  • steve48

    the things people do with their holidays when our wee country doesn’t qualify for major championships

  • Ulsters my homeland

    does anyone think the Russians would expose of IRA/Sinn Fein and their dissident groupings for us N.Irelanders?

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Happens all over the world — there were folks playing slots in N’awlin’s casinos afterthe evacuation advisory — in any group, there are some who believe “it can’t happen to me.”

    Proves we, as a species, have thwarted Darwin.

  • they’ll probably be safe enough if they hang about
    in the KGB cafe at 8/10 King Erekle Street, Tibilsi. http://www.kala.ge

    or they could stick a Munster jersey on and sit
    the war out in The Hangar http://www.thehangar.biz

    Just trying to help in case they read Slugger.

  • Are these lads members of the Black Dog NI supporters’ group or am I think of different people?

  • fair_deal


    You are correct

  • BfB

    Have your fun, sickos. Just keep Georgia Bush out of it.

  • Greenflag

    ‘The parcel of land being fought over is not that large: about 3,900 square km. By comparison, just off to Georgia’s northeast lies the formally disputed region of Chechnya, which covers 15,300 square km. That conflict showed that Russia is rather determined to hold on to every bit of land it can in the area, especially since the neighboring Caspian Sea holds the world’s 3rd largest oil and gas reserves.’

    Ooops. So there’s a reason the Russians are in favour of Ossettian ‘democracy’ . Thought so. Birds of a feather Messrs Putin and Bush .

  • BfB


    Bad News. But you’ll have the dead Georgians to gloat over and help you make your hateful points.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Greenflag: “Ooops. So there’s a reason the Russians are in favour of Ossettian ‘democracy’ . Thought so. Birds of a feather Messrs Putin and Bush .”

    Uh-huh… which is why, based on an invalid treaty (the USSR imploded w/o approving the treaty, nor has Russia ever approved it), the United States is yielding four Alaskan islands to the USSR, with the associated coastal access. And why Iraq is enjoying a hefty budget surplus based upon the sale of their oil on the open market and the revivication of an oil deal between Iraq and China. Makes perfect sense…

    You’re entitled to your own opinion… you are not entitled to your own facts.

  • Dave

    I wouldn’t bother, DC – what Greenie deliberately omits to mention is that the EU is up to its necks in the quagmire it has helped to create in Georgia via in pursuit of neo-colonial adventurism.


  • Dave

    By the way, the EU flag flies from every government building in Georgia despite the fact that Georgia isn’t a member of the EU. The EU, however, is keen to gain control of Georgian energy reverses by bringing Georgia into the EU. To this end, they do not wish to see the two nations who want to secede from Georgia and become nation-states and achieve their right to self-determination as this would reduce the spoils of EU neo-colonialism. Hence, the Georgian President, Mikheil Saakashvili, believes he can oppose Russian support for the 300,000 Russians within those two nations because he has the backing of the EU. He badly miscalculated and the consequence of that is that those two nations will now never agree to give Georgia any role whatsoever in their internal affairs but will press on to full independence. This is the meddling that is typical of imperialism, propped up by neo-imperialists, the EU. It’s a damn good reason why the EU should be disbanded rather than allowed to form its own army and gain full control over foreign polcies that are properly the functions of nation-states for the purposes of warmongering and serving its own selfish, expansionist interests by force.

  • Well our more immediate concerns shud b whether or not our fellow countrymen David & Gavin get home safely. Anyone know when they return?
    Presumably they aim 2 b back b4 the footie match on the 20th.

  • fair_deal


    The wanderers have returned