Republicans hit the streets to protest

While some cynics on this site doubted protests against the past injustices of internment and plans for 42 day detention without trial would attract much more than ‘two men and a dog’, activists from éirigí supported by members of other groups and non-aligned individuals turned out to make their voices heard in sizeable numbers at locations across Ireland.

While I previously noted the ‘politics of protest’ may be being discarded in some quarters in favour of normalization, for some a revival of street protest seems to be gathering momentum.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Was there a protest in the leafy heights of Dunmurray as well ?

  • Wowzers in my own town of Antrim you radicals managed about 15 people – I am super impressed. Really you can change the world.

  • wild turkey


    thanks for the objective and unbiased report substantiating the claim of ‘sizeable numbers’.

    on the basis of the pictorial evidence, I’ve seen more people attending a PTA meeting at my kids primary school, especially in view of the uncertain and muddled future which confronts kids entering p6 and p5 this year. Hardly the politics of protest… and I’m wandering off thread.

    Fair play and good luck on the 42 day detention front. a load of Brownite shite.

    On the 42 day detention front, being internationalists and all, did Eirgi support and/or campaign for David Davis in the recent by-election?

    under the pavement, the beach.

    keep on truckin

  • BonarLaw

    Of course Republicans oppose 42 day detention- after all they don’t detain people, they “disappear” them.

  • Bemused

    Whatever keeps the myopic, pea-brained bog trotters of Eirigi law-abiding, happy and occupied is fair enough in my book (gainful employment is of course unlikely to trouble these work-shy, sponging vermin). Keep up the good work lads – any day now you’ll overturn that wholly insignificant 80-plus per cent ‘Yes’ vote in the Good Friday referendum.

  • longshot

    ‘that wholly insignificant 80-plus per cent ‘Yes’ vote in the Good Friday referendum.’

    Aside from the racist views that you spew, I do believe that you consistently talk bollocks as the above statement amply demonstrates, Bemused.

  • Truth

    Little intelligence and lack of any ability to have a political debate or discussion on a very serious issue 42 day detention is all I can say to the idiots that have left comments so far.
    You must be confused what has the Good Friday Agreement got to do with a protest about the re introduction of Internment through 42 day detention? Did you even read what the protest was about? I think not, you obviously don’t have a political thought in your head your comments show your nothing more than an ignoramus, limited thought. I fully support the eirigi protests they are the only group who are highlighting this very important issue fair play to them

  • darakoon

    Would these ‘non-aligned individuals’ consist of the usual rent-a-crowd of bar-coded moustachioed spidermen, Mark?

    In order to triple the paltry turn-outs thus far, why don’t you hold a boney outside the barracks and give away free barack-busters and WKD-that’ll get the crowds up big-style-well until closing time anyway, ma chara…

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    Sweet Jabus! *Bites fist*

    What size? How many numbers? Not even a police estimate?

    Tell us, did the Chinese New Year bring more people onto the streets? Did it dwarf the gay pride rally of last week? How about the May Day parade? Or the Lord Mayor’s Parade? Bigger? Smaller? About the same?

    You’re sort of missing the point. I for one don’t doubt you can rally (get it?) some numbers given you’ve had ages to organise and “get a turnout” but is that enough? How many of these people will actively pursue your agenda? How many will do the big time? How many will put up with the quality of life issues and how many more fraticidal feuds can your/the miniscule army sustain?

    Do us a favour and save your “sizable numbers” for your propaganda news sheet but in polite company it’s best not to insult people’s intelligence. Speaking of intelligence, if the MI5 and Special Branch agents weren’t their spotting faces, how would the numbers have fared?

    I guess, it’s fair enough to treat all of the above as rhetorical but feel free to use the questions as the basis of discussions for all the, ahem, cadres across the nation. Don’t mention it.

  • billie-Joe Remarkable


    NB: In a thread – allegedly – about 42 day detention you make no points at all for us to discuss.

    Did anyone speak? What did they have to say? Or have you and your ilk latched onto 42 Days to give a topical twist to the internment issue?

    It is your thread that made numbers and turnout the issue and it was your thread that failed to generate any discussion because YOU DIDN’T MAKE A POINT.

    Can you see? Can you see how it works, now?

  • Gareth

    There is something strangely enchanting about the first picture of outside Antrim PSNI station. I like that one.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    “Speaking of intelligence,’their’ is a posessive adjective meaning ‘belonging to them’ and ‘there’ means ‘in that place’

  • PaddyReilly

    Strange that only the Conservative MP for Woking and Éirigí seem worried by 42 day detention. Perhaps they should merge into a single party.

  • Pancho’s Horse

    Are YOU not worried about it, PaddyReilly?

  • Turth

    Bill joe Remarkable
    If you used the links to go to the eirigi site you would be able to read a statement issed by eirigi. I take it mark was making the point that when it was highlighted on slugger that eirigi were going to be protesting on the 9th of August several people had stated their would be no one at them, the pictures of the protests shows otherwise.

  • Fermanagh Young Unionist

    “Enniskillen was the venue for the last protest of the day. Around 20 republicans gathered outside the RUC-PSNI Barracks in the town to round off a day of significant opposition to the British policies, and their very presence, in Ireland”

    … While tens of thousands of participants and spectators gathered in Enniskillen for the annual 12th of August Royal Black Preceptory parade. Quite a contrast if you ask me lol.

    I don’t mean to be pedantic either, but the photos show from every angle, 11 people at most in attendance (including the photographer) so the tiny figure of 20 is still heavily inflated, but at least we see Ms Swift didn’t lose much sleep over her somewhat aberrant departure from the Shinners…

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    How very literal of you. I suspect people meant there would be very few people attending and historically there seems to be a correlation between the amount of people attending and the significance of the event.

    I didn’t read all of the link but had it been your main point you might have put it in your comments rather than start a numbers game. The (fairly weak) point you claim to have raised has been lost, although the low turnouts pictured in the links suggest that this need not be a cause for national panic.

    And for any mistakes and typos above, apologies. My bad.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    ah, these ‘Erigi’ folk are another bunch of disgruntles. A copromise must be met if there is progress to be made. British folk in Ireland have to be accepted!

    Some folk will never be satisfisfied, even those
    who had a 32 county republic! For they are not even satisfied with their own lives…… nor never will!

  • cynic

    Wow. At New Barnsley near the heart of one of the most Republican areas in NI you raised a total of….wait for it …..24 supporters.

    And I like the line on the website that Eigri ‘confronted crown forces’ which in this case meant lining up nicely so the Police jeep in your picture could video them. Nice posters too but ‘End Internment Now’ is a little dated as a slogan and don’t the Stickies own the copyright anyway to that one anyway? Also, has anyone told your membership that Internment did actually end about 34 years ago? Do it gently, it may be a shock for them. (Why oh why am I reminded of that episode of Give My Head Peace where Da has had an old republican socialist on the run hidden in his attic for 25 years and daren’t tell him about the GFA and SF in Government?)

    By the way, I couldn’t help notice the number of members all wearing baggy blue jeans. At New Barnsley it was almost 100%. Republican Chic this ain’t. Have you considered getting Gerry’s style consultant in to help with the old image thing?

    And as others here have pointed out Eigri do seem to have a problem with the maths when counting the number of protestors. Never mind. The hated Brit Government of Oppression in the puppet state offers awide range of help and perhaps your members can access it while still claiming benefit

  • cynic

    “several people had stated their would be no one at them, the pictures of the protests shows otherwise.”


    There are often longer bus queues in West Belfast.

  • runciter

    Nice to see SF and the unionists so united in their agitation.

    Éirigí must be doing something right.

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    “Éirigí must be doing something right.” I like the doubt contained in your post. You’re not quite sure what it is but you MUST be doing something right. That’s just great.

    Good luck with, you know, the struggle for National Liberation and that.

  • Regina Wee

    Fermanagh Young Unionist-

    Any developments on the by-election?

  • runciter

    “Éirigí must be doing something right.” I like the doubt contained in your post. You’re not quite sure what it is but you MUST be doing something right.

    I’m not involved in Éirigí.

    I think you should calm down, Billie-joe.

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    Calm down? I’m cool, ta. Just answering your point.

    (GYAC My little outbursts of indignation may not always be entirely heart-felt. I’d better start deploying a few more of these!!!! and perhaps one of these 😉 just so people get the joke…)

  • shaz

    “[b]Republicans hit the streets to protest”[/b]

    what the fuck is it this time?

  • cynic

    “Éirigí must be doing something right.”


    I know. We are like all the kids in the playground ganging up on the fat stupid one with a personality disorder who stands in the corner picking his nose till it bleeds. But in a quiet summer how else are we to get our kicks?

    Give them one thing. It’s entertaining reading some of their stuff. I haven’t read anything as funny for years

  • Mark McGregor

    Alright all,

    Seems some are concerned about my use of the word ‘sizable’ – I’ll clarify that was in response to posts when I first mentioned these protests that alluded to ‘two men and a dog’ and telephone booths. The link showed that those expectations where far from true.

    As for me not raising a big enough issue for people to get their teeth into; it wasn’t my issue. Again, the link gave all the details about why people came out in protest if you care to click it.

    Sadly for some of you I’ll continue to highlight the growth of this form of radical republicanism and whatever else tickles my fancy until Mick gives me my cards. Though I must admit I find something oddly pleasing about the range of people getting annoyed about my posts – its so much wider than it used to be, I must be doing something right ;0)

  • earnan

    the gender is listed as female