“a deliberate attempt to hide any disagreement”?

The former First and deputy First Ministers might not need to try the [new] Reynolds defence after all. In one of the challenges to the appointment of FOUR Victims Commissioners, Mr Justice Gillen has decided not to subpoena Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness in an attempt to force them to reveal details of the discussions they had ahead of those appointments – discussions of which no record was apparently kept despite being both official business and being between two high public office holders. The ruling is subject to appeal. Also from the BBC report

Delivering judgement in the subpoena application, Mr Justice Gillen said that if Mrs Williamson’s allegations were substantiated during the full judicial review hearing next month the court could “draw inferences”.

“The sanction against inadequate disclosure may well be an adverse finding against the respondents at the full hearing and a granting of the remedy sought by the applicant,” he said. However, the judge also stressed: “It is my view that this court cannot go outside the remedy sought by the applicant set out in the originating motion.”