Attitudinal shifts?

A Cambridge review of social attitude studies of the last 30 years shows a new trend in opinions about the impact of women working and the impact on the family. The report’s author claims:

“The notion that there has been a steady increase in favour of women taking an equal role in the workplace and away from their traditional role in the home is clearly a myth.”

Critics argue that the report shows:

“attempts to shoehorn women into workplaces made by men for men have failed”.

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    “Women, know your limits!”

  • Napoleons nose.

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    Is the report published anywhere else?

  • fair_deal
  • Napoleons nose.

    cheers fd.

  • deirdrenelson

    Can all these academics not just please leave women alone and let us sort it out for ourselves? I really don’t need another bloody study telling me where or what I should be doing in terms of marriage, career, kids etc.
    Go away and tell us what men should be doing for a change

  • Rory

    Don’t bother, Deirdre. They already are telling we men what to do and how to behave. We each and all just have to trust, like you, that there may be some good men and women out there who don’t rate the bullshit too highly.

  • Duncan Shipley Dalton

    A concern here is that the survey relates only to attitudinal change in relation to women working having an impact on family life. The question of whether it does or not is surely another empirical survey. However if one assumes that the attitudes reflect an underlying reality then the question is one of how to structure work life in a way that is more conducive to family life. The fact that a patriarchal system has placed impossible burdens on women who have attempted to challenge its underlying gender role assumptions should not really come as a big surprise. In a society where women are able to aspire to any career they might like we simply need to restructure our working lives to allow family life to take place alongside that new reality.

  • deirdrenelson

    The patriarchal system hasn’t placed the unbearable demands on women. The average patriarch or MCP just wants us chained to the kitchen sink whilst bearing baby after baby. The problem is militant feminsim which demands we prove our equality to men by being even more goal-orientated than them, y’know the whole to be thought half as good etcetc. It’s actually up to women (and the men in their lives)to say “this is where I draw the line”. We are control freaks and we do try to do too much very often, it’s the way we’re hard-wired and even the most supportive husband can’t change that. believe me I know, a friend of mine keeps telling me to wind down and relax but with family, job and everyhting else it’s not that easy.
    I usually don’t rate the bullshit and just try and get on with it, but htis particular one bugged me for some reason, maybe cos I’ve got a stinking cold, who knows?