Ireland secure ICC World Twenty20 place

Congratulations to Ireland’s cricket team after their narrow win over Kenya at Stormont today, in the semi-finals of the qualifying competition, secured them a place at next year’s Twenty20 World Cup.


  • Good news. Well deserved.

  • percy

    excellent, this on top of the win against Scotland last week

  • esmereldavillalobos

    Yes, great news – win the final and I think they get to play England, at Lord’s in the opening game. Bit lucky against Bermuda (when I say a bit I mean very – defending 46 off 9 overs.) – phew!

  • DavidD

    Well done Ireland.

  • darth rumsfeld

    Even if some of the team make Jack Charlton’s mercenaries look like proper Irishmen …

  • Mick Fealty

    Indeed darth, but any port in this particular sporting storm. That’s a nice compensation for a disappointing outing in Friends Provident (except for one glorious day at Stormont:

  • Basil Brush

    Well played Ireland.

  • The Spectator (literally!)

    Hat’s off to Ireland, and the Netherlands. I have had the pleasure of attending the whole event so far, and while the action has been occasionally a little amateurish, there has been no loss of excitement.

    Only Bermuda truly looked out of their depth (Namibia would have done better, I suspect), and even then, they could still have got through but for the spectacular collapse against Ireland.

    I’m crossing my fingers for Scotland, though I’d hate Kenya to miss out. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the 3rd Qualifier if Mugabe is disposed of…

    If Zimbabwe don’t come…

    Winner gets India, Bangladesh and a half chance, I’d say, of actually progressing.
    RU gets Pakistan and England
    3rd gets South Africa and (I think) Sri Lanka

    If Zimbabwe do come, Winner gets Pakistan and England, Runner Up SA and SL.

  • The Spectator (literally!)

    p.s Darth, given the roots of Andy Strauss, Kevin Peitersen, Matt Prior, Jonathan Trott, G Jones, Ed Joyce (!!!), Pattinson, Owais Shah, – never mind Usman Afzaal, Vikram Solanki, the Greigs, Hick, Lamb, R Smith and Hussein – and in all bloody likelyhood the soon to be called up Eoin Morgan (and knowing our luck N O’Brien!), I have very little embarrassment that we have a couple of qualifiers by residence/marriage. Very little at all. Long may botha reign frankly.

    My only concern is that now that Joyce has decalred for England, and Portfield, Morgan, Wilson, O’Brien N and Rankin are all in the counties, with O’Brien K and Connell rumoured to be joining soon, we’ll have close to a bloody Test quality side (ok, that’s a stretch, but still…) and none of them will be bleeding available!

  • The Spectator (literally!)

    My bad, it’s New Zealand and South Africa.

    Sri Lanka are in the same group as Australia and the Windies – Group of Death anyone?

  • dub

    why are even all Ireland teams always “them” when even favourable unionists are talking about them… how about “we” for a change?

  • Pete Baker

    Take off the tin-foil hat, dub. It doesn’t work, you know.

    It’s very simple.

    I’m not actually in the Ireland cricket team. And they, the players, deserve the plaudits.

    If you want vicarious glory, stick to football – of any variety.

  • The Spectator (literally!)

    Scotland currently 50-0 after 10 overs (60 balls) in reply to Kenya’s 106-9. Winner takes 3rd, and if Zimbabwe are absent, the last Twenty20 place.

  • The Spectator (literally!)

    A Botha is the competition’s leading wicket taker for Ireland 10 overs, 8 wickets for 42 (St 7.5 Ec 4.2 Av 5.25). Gawd Bless ‘im!!

  • The Spectator (literally!)

    And finally, for now…

    Ireland’s fixture’s for the rest of the year, courtesy of Cricket Ireland.

    # August 7-10: Ireland v Canada (Intercontinental Cup), Malahide

    # August 12: Ireland v Canada (ODI), Clontarf

    # August 24: Ireland v Kenya (ODI), Belfast
    # August 25: Ireland v Kenya (ODI), Belfast
    # August 27: Ireland v Kenya (ODI), Belfast

    # October 5-8: Namibia v Ireland (Intercontinental Cup), Windhoek

    # October 12-15: Kenya v Ireland (Intercontinental Cup), Kenya

    # October 18: Kenya v Ireland (ODI), Kenya, TBC
    # October 19: Kenya v Ireland (ODI), Kenya, TBC
    # October 21: Kenya v Ireland (ODI), Kenya, TBC
    # October 23: Kenya v Ireland (ODI), Kenya, TBC
    # October 25: Kenya v Ireland (ODI), Kenya, TBC

  • dub


    I see that in addition to mind boggling anality, smugness and condescending unionism you also bring the gift of snobbery. Is there no limit to your charm?

  • Pete Baker

    You asked the question, dub.

    Hardly my fault you didn’t like the answer.

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    “Qualified”. We qualified in the same way that people qualify for the Special Olympics.

    “Right, you’re in.”

  • Rooster Cogburn

    Yayish – I still dont think their huinks last time made the case for *any* minnows being at the World Cup. The format, for the last three torunaments has been dire enough, and next time is liekly to be no better. And a key source of the difficulties is accomodatings the no-hopers. It’s bad enough that Bangladesh stills enjoys top flight status, and a tragedy every which that Zimbabwe currently, partially does. Sticking in Ireland, Holland etc really doesn’t help make for good cricket. Beating them proves nothing, and losing to the likes of them satisifies really very few people indeed.

  • Rooster Cogburn

    For ‘huinks’ (albeit a good, probably Afrikaans, word), please read, hi-jinks. And likely for liekly. Oh and there should have been a ‘way’ after ‘which’. ‘Tournaments’ probably has the edge on torunaments (though that is an A1 piece of Norman French, the ancestral home of the FitzCobyearns). And let the lesson of this be: Don’t Post After Lunch.

  • Michelle Adams

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