Internment – then and now

As the British political system continues to wrangle over the implications of the 42-day detention legislation, the socialist-republican party éirígí has organised a number of demonstrations to protest against its potential use against Irish republicans and vulnerable communities in Britain.

éirígí is drawing strong parallels between the controversial detention legislation and the introduction of internment in the North 37-years ago.

Indeed, they have billed their August 9 gatherings as both a commemoration of the injustice of internment and a protest against the injustice of 42-day detention.

In addition to the Antrim town, Belfast, Dublin and Lurgan éirígí gatherings, RSF will be holding a protest in Belfast while 32CSM will be doing the same in Dublin.

ADDS: As noted in the comments a 5th éirigí protest will also be held at Enniskillen RUC/PSNI Barrack at 3pm.