“Back-up dancers prefer anonymity..”

Time for a little levity.. and a little science. Via the Guardian’s Ian Sample who spotted it here. As I noted previously, the Guardian’s had some great articles on the Large Hadron Collider at Cern. And as Ian says, “Yes, it’s a rap about particle physics, yes it mentions antimatter and the Higgs boson, but you know what? I quite like it. There, I said it.” And you know what? So do I. Enjoy the Large Hadron Collider rap! Seriously.

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  • Pete,

    That is delightful! I used to be a nuclear physicist in my training and the nerdy side of me is THRILLED by this. 🙂

  • cynic

    Forget all the nonsense in Ballymena…the Americans have found water on Mars. Now that is news.

  • percy

    highly entertaining

  • Pete Baker

    Ta, cynic. I’d been waiting on the news from that press conference.


    I knew there’d be others thrilled by the nerdiness involved. :o)

  • cynic

    Puts all the crap in Norn Iron in perspective. Water probably = life in the past!!!

    Nice rap by the way and good to see that civilisation creeps in here every so often – sorry Mick!!!

  • The Raven

    I’m off to the Glitter and Doom tour shows that Mr Waits is playing in a big tent in Dublin this evening. If it matches the entertainment value of this, I’ll be well pleased…lol

  • pfhl

    It could do with a bit of production input from Dr. Dre but some very interesting things being done at cern.

    I look forward to some results coming out of it.

  • He is very good stagger style dancer.