£1m for special HET investigation

The Irish News reports that a special team within HET will investigate the murders of the Mount Vernon UVF gang and the NIO has provided £1m in funding (subs reqd).

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    One million quid? Just as the IRA should do everything to help find the bodies of people they shot and buried in lonely graves, perhaps Hugh Orde could save the public a small fortune by telling the taxpayers who pay his handsome salary what his men did while running this police agent in Mount Vernon. perhaps half of the HET’s one million quid could go to the RUC Benevlonet Fund and the rest to hospital equipment, books for schools or heating for pensioners. Everyone’s a winner! Sorry, now I’m just being silly.

  • PeaceandJustice

    All victims are equal but some are more equal than others. How many ‘special teams’ do they have investigating specific Sinn Fein PIRA murder gangs?

  • Hogan

    HET budget (funded by NIO) to investigate Mount Vernon UVF gang: £1m quid.

    NIO/MI5 legal budget to prevent HET ever finding anything out: Anybody’s guess?

  • Lenny

    Only took two posts for a UVF apologist to appear. I suppose Concerned Loyalist will be here shortly.

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    “How many ‘special teams’ do they have investigating specific Sinn Fein PIRA murder gangs?”

    *ahem* British Army, PSNI, RIR, MI5, SPecial Branch, CID.

  • PeaceandJustice

    To Lenny – if you are referring to me, I’m not an apologist for any group. You obviously don’t have any comments to make about the lack of real investigations into Sinn Fein PIRA death squads – so you don’t have much concern for their victims.

    To billie-Joe – They are setting up a special team with extra money – above what is being spent on other cases. Everyone else must be held to account but the death squad activities of the DFM is covered up.

  • Lenny

    Oh I’d say you are an apologist for UVF/UDA alright P&J;, you just wont come straight out and admit it.
    And I’d agree with you that full investigations into IRA murders should take place. Including those carried out by RA members who were also paid agents of the security services.
    Do you agree that Mount Vernon UVF should be investigated?

  • fair_deal

    Play the ball folks

  • McGrath

    This is an example of what can be done thanks to the continued pressure applied by the McCord family. I hope it isn’t simply some kind of appeasement, I also hope something will come out of it.

    Maybe Mr Peace&Justice;can take notice here of what active involvement can achieve instead of his continuous whining.

  • nmc

    They are setting up a special team with extra money – above what is being spent on other cases

    HET is not only investigating crimes committed by loyalists. Check out their site, you might learn something.


  • PeaceandJustice

    To Lenny – I don’t and never have supported any form of terrorism. I hope you can say the same.

    All real victims should be treated equally. What I object to is a hierarchy of victims where SF PIRA gang members now in positions of power are allowed to get away with murder. Yet large amounts of money are spent investigating everyone else. It sends out a message that the victims of the Sinn Fein PIRA death squads are less equal than others.

  • gareth mccord

    p&j;u do speak like a blinkerd unionist who only call for victims of i.r.a. murders to be fully investigated.
    i am asking u now do u believe the ombudsman report into the activities of the mount vermin u.v.f.?? what do you think should be done to the policemen and government officials who protected and paid haddock and his vermin??

  • Jacko

    1 million quid !!
    ffs the most any one will do in jail for this will be 2 years tops…why waste the money?its not as if the dead people will come back..

  • gareth mccord

    jacko the p.u.p./u.v.f. r on record saying that some of the murders including my brothers was not sanctioned by the u.v.f.
    so that forfeits the g.f.a. early release scheme.
    so while the dead wont come back as u morally put it, what price do u think a life is worth or many lives as in this investigation, or maybe from your tone u do not even value your life to be worth 1 million which i would agree.