Timely advice..

Some timely advice [*ahem* – Ed] from birthday boy Sir Mick Jagger. Happy Birthday, Mick! [That’s Mr Jagger to you – Ed] Update Replaced video.

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  • BfB

    First enjoyed the lad at Altamont in ’69…..
    Amazing we both are still banging away…..
    Well, me anyway.

  • wild turkey

    Dumb question, but I will ask it cos I do not know the answer.

    To what extent did the Stones 68 LP Beggars Banquet serve as a soundtrack for what went down here in 1968-69?

    Given the musicality of Belfast, have always been a bit curious about that.

    BfB, I never made Altamont but saw them at MSG (Get Yer Yas Yas Out)

    Anyway, Jagger has always been a shrewd bastard. If I am not mistaken, he started off doing ACCCOUNTACY at LSE. And so it goes.

    While his colleagues watch their dodgy health or relive their hot youth, Mick seems never more happily employed in making money. He has applied to register his name as a trademark for two dozen products, including perfume, shampoo, nail varnish, lip gloss, clothes, shoes and skin-tight bodysuits.

    “Mick Jagger is a really nice bunch of guys,” Keith Richards once said.

    PB. Another eclectic post. Thanks

  • BfB

    Give those boys alot of credit for being who they are today. That was a dodgey wildass concert and the shite had hit the fan when the Stones appeared. They were young, ballsy, in your face rockers as I remember it. When I see footage of the poofy, makeup and jeweled Ole’ Mick, I say he earned every bit of what he has today. Fair play to him and the Stones.

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    I, too, think the Rolling Stones are a rock band. So, fair play to them for being, er, a rock band.

    Timely advice? To who, regarding what? (This place is, like, so deep, man.)

  • Pete Baker

    Cheers wt.

    Eclectic is good.

    To whom, BJR.

  • susan

    Don’t know the answer to your question, Dindon Sauvage, but I do know Mick and Co helped me through the last recession — singing “Hang Fire” every single morning under my breath on the Leyton High Road on the way to a job I hated — and they will help me through this one, too.

    Happy Birthday, Mee-stah Mick.

  • wild turkey

    Dindon Sauvage! Cover has been blown.

    Thanks or whatever.

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    Pete, the jury’s out on who and whom as English usage changes. Still, ta for picking me up on a minor grammatical error (you claim).

    You might want to turn your editorial comments and powers to editing (ruthlessly) the morons.

    NB: I happen to love the Stones but there’s a time and a place. There should also be a point. Just a thought.

  • Pete Baker

    “There should also be a point.”

    Should there? Should there really..

  • Class. But hasn’t that song got something to do with drugs? I’m shocked.

  • Jer

    there doesn’t necessarily need to be a point. Thats something the Rolling Stones would surely agree with and anyhow its nice to mix things up a bit.

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    Sorry for not admiring your eclectic tastes and your response is, again, deep and metaphysical, I’m sure.

    So, it’s OK to post favourite videos from youtube because you like the song or because, wait for it, the title of the song could in some way (not that it needs to be explained) be a message for somebody? selfindulgenceotoole.com

  • Pete Baker

    “So, it’s OK to post favourite videos from youtube because you like the song or because, wait for it, the title of the song could in some way (not that it needs to be explained) be a message for somebody?”

    Now you’re getting it, BJR.

    Btw, you don’t really need the contemporary relevance of the title of the song to be explained, do you?

    I’d only just posted on the current deadlock in the Executive, after all.

    But here’s the deal.

    I’ll not tell you what you should or should not say in the comments zone – as long as it’s within the Commenting guidelines – and you don’t tell me what I should or should not blog.

    What you do on your own blog is, of course, entirely up to you.

    And, Happy Birthday Mick! [again]

  • Pete Baker

    It could have been worse, btw.

    I have in my archived email a request for Gimme Shelter. ;op

  • susan

    If I wanted snarkiness I’d go to one of the mothering advice blogs.

    It could’ve been Mick and the Chieftains doing “The Long Black Veil.” I remember when I’d heard that I’d hoped it was just because the hipless hipster was trying to get a leg over somewhere on the island, but apparently no, he just really liked the song.

    Interesting what you do pick up on the more eclectic threads. I remember being traumatised years ago when David Vance revealed on “A Tangled Web,” which I’ve visited only a few times in my life, that two of my all-time favourite songs are also two of his favourite songs — Kirsty MacColl’s “SoHo Square” and Elvis Costello’s “Oliver’s Army.” The latter literally had to be sung out to me “IT’s A Small world”/Disney World Style (“Oliver’s Army is on their way!!! Oliver’s Army is here to stay!!!) before I could even begin to imagine someone with DV’s strong views enjoying the song.

  • Pete Baker

    It could indeed, susan.

    Thankfully, I had this track in mind from the start – the start being Mick Jagger’s 65th birthday. In particular this extended version. Because I do like it.

    And I believe I’ve previously posted the Fairytale video.

  • susan

    You posted the Fairytale video. I named my firstborn ‘Kirsty.’

    I win. :o)

  • Pete Baker

    “I win. :o)”

    Indeed you do.

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    I was not aware this was your blog, as it happens. In that case you have a point.

    Just seems a bit random and while I guessed you may have been referring to the impasse, I didn’t know that for sure. All I ask is that people explain themselves and try to make some effort to be informative and or interesting. All of my recent criticisms still stand.

    Anyway, enough of this correspondence. (Haven’t read your rules but given what does get posted, I’m sure I’m not guilty of any transgressions.)

    As you were…

  • Pete Baker


    No, Slugger is not mine. It’s Mick’s. And he’s the only person who has any say over what I should or should not blog.

    Which wasn’t exactly my point.

    ANYhoo.. this archived post might prove more illuminating.. or perhaps not..

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    Ta. Not bad…

  • susan

    In fairness, I should admit that the always-missed, late, great Kirsty MacColl was very much alive and touring when my Kirsty was born. It was as much as the sound of the name and the fact that it was quite new to the family tree as anything else. If she’d been performing under the name “Crusty MacColl” or “Christsakes MacColl” I would’ve gone in another direction. Probably.

    Just to be clear.