Were you up for Glasgow East?

Being the amateur sophologist/political animal/person worthy of wife’s curious look when explaining why you are staying up/sad sack (*delete as appropriate) that I am I’ll be staying up for the Glasgow East result so will post it here (and maybe some interpretation depending on how tired I am). SNP wins by 365 votes (and I’m going to bed)Turnout is estimated to be 46% down 2% on the 2005 election.
UPDATE 42.25% Turnout figure

Glasgow East candidates

Ind Chris Creighton 67 0.3%
Scot Soc Frances Curran 555 2.1%
Labour Margaret Curran 10912 41.6%
Scot Grn Eileen Duke 232 0.9%
F-4-C Hamish Howitt 65 0.2%
Soli Tricia McLeish 512 1.9%
SNP John Mason 11277 43%
Cons Davena Rankin 1639 6.2%
Lib Dem Ian Robertson 915 3.4%
Turnout 26219

General Election 2005 result
Labour David Marshall 18,775 60.7%
SNP Lachlan McNeill 5,268 17.0%
Lib Dem David Jackson 3,665 11.8%
Cons Carl Thomson 2,135 6.9%
Scot Soc George Savage 1,096 3.5%
Majority 13,507 43.7%
Turnout 30,939 48.2 %

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