Trillian crushed..

In an otherwise unrelated post, Máirtín passes on word that Oregon-based Ed Carpenter’s Trillian sculpture, selected in 2005 for the Broadway Junction Public Art Project, has been shelved. Apparently due to the escalating cost of steel and the current economic climate’s effect on increasing costs for all raw materials. Belfast City Council are promoting the re-run of the competition to select a new design as an “opportunity for local artists..”

“This new landmark piece of public art will symbolise the cultural confidence of Belfast and we hope it will become a positive symbol for the city for years to come,” [Cllr Bernie Kelly] added.

Which is what they said about Trillian.. Last word to Máirtín

[Apparently], the soaring cost of steel meant the project couldn’t be delivered on time but I’m not wholly convinced by that and it means a plan greenlighted in 2005 has to go out to tender again. Belfast, don’t you love it?

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  • Gareth

    As a replacement, what about a great big statue of Iris, arms raised to heaven? What a fine welcome to Belfast that would be. Given her holiness levels it could be called ‘Angel of the North’, or is that name already taken?

  • willis


    I don’t think the Medici will ever have to worry about the challenge from Belfast council.

    Hang on though – lateral thinking – green – cheap – local

  • qubol

    what a missed opportunity

  • Kevin

    “Trillian crushed”

    How’s Zaphod?

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    Can’t the “Billion Dollar Men” (as the Andersonstown News dubbed them in a banner headline) who freeloaded here in May just cover the costs? Perhaps Mairtin can make it a PFI venture and the plebs can repay with interest for the next 40 years to make sure Americans get their pensions – or is that type of financing only for schools, hospitals and roads?

  • Pete Baker


    Zaphod’s fine.

    Marvin however…

  • [aside]Here’s a little bit of history from Ballycastle by local historian, Danny McGill.

  • 0b101010

    So the cost of steel materials mean it couldn’t be delivered on time or budget, but somehow delaying the project by re-tendering would? I applaud their new-found support for local talent, but how much is the administration of the new competition going to waste? What were they doing between 2005 and now?

    Anyway, I suggest a giant Stinger spike strip. No steel necessary, as far as I know, they’re made from polymer.

  • cynic

    Couldnt we just stop Councillors expenses to pay for it? I believe three of four months would do it.