Trillian crushed..

In an otherwise unrelated post, Máirtín passes on word that Oregon-based Ed Carpenter’s Trillian sculpture, selected in 2005 for the Broadway Junction Public Art Project, has been shelved. Apparently due to the escalating cost of steel and the current economic climate’s effect on increasing costs for all raw materials. Belfast City Council are promoting the re-run of the competition to select a new design as an “opportunity for local artists..”

“This new landmark piece of public art will symbolise the cultural confidence of Belfast and we hope it will become a positive symbol for the city for years to come,” [Cllr Bernie Kelly] added.

Which is what they said about Trillian.. Last word to Máirtín

[Apparently], the soaring cost of steel meant the project couldn’t be delivered on time but I’m not wholly convinced by that and it means a plan greenlighted in 2005 has to go out to tender again. Belfast, don’t you love it?