Any results from Glasgow?

Leader of the SNP at Westminster is on the BBC coverage now playing up how good a night the SNP have had, but how it must be remembered that this is “rock solid Labour territory”, and that we need to keep a “sense of proportion” over the history of the seat. Sounds to me like the SNP think Labour have held on with a much reduced majority.
UPDATE: BBC reporting an SNP win by 1000, Iain Dale by 500 more than that.
UPDATE2:SNP candidate enters the count apparently claiming victory before the result is announced.

UPDATE3: Out comes the “r” word. Recount. I think I’ll have to hear about this in the morning.

  • slug

    The BBC seems to be suggesting that SNP are now more and more confident of a win. I think that Brown is now at the end of his time.

  • Michael Shilliday

    He was certainly playing up how good a night it has been for the SNP, but he was clearly rowing back expectations. We’ll see.

  • DC

    Yes Michael, seems like a v good night but not quite a winning night, so far it anyway.

    Much of the disgruntled comment is party political re SNP vote switch not personal complaint re Gordon Brown.

  • picador


    Can you please look at the threads already running before you start a new one!

    Fair Deal started a thread on this subject an hour or two ago. I will be sticking with that one.


    BBC seems to be leaning towards an SNP victory! Even if Labour holds on the Scots now obviously want OUT of the forced 1801 merger. So what now for Unionism and the Union? The UK seems to be going the same way of the Ice Caps, melting at a remarkable rate. Are Norn Iron Unionists, Gibraltarians and people of the British occupied Malvinas the only ones clinging to a Britishness that went down with Victoria’s coffin in 1901?

  • nineteensixtyseven

    BBC are suggesting an SNP victory now!

  • Conchúr


    I think you’ll find it’s the 1707 merger not 1801.

  • Colm

    1801 was that other forced merger!


    I WAS referring to the 1801 merger that included Ireland as well. The aftermath of the 1798 Irish Rebellion & English reaction further made slaves of the Scots than they were already were.

  • It was Sammy McNally what done it

    The good guys have won it.

  • Dewi

    Na Na Na Na Na Michael ! Freedom on its way !

  • Great result.
    Labour’s neglected ghetto has bitten back-at last.

  • Sad for a mate of mine, Ian Robertson, who ran a great campaign at least from the media’s point of view but whose party vote from last time out seems to have departed to an “anything but Labour” tidal wave.

  • Quagmire

    Congrats SNP. A great result for nationalism, although I suspect other factors may have been in play. Off to bed now. ZZzzzz

  • willowfield


  • dewi


  • joeCanuck

    Stop shouting, the pair of you.

  • Greagoir O’ Frainclin

    Looks as if Scotland is SNP terrority now, for Labour have lost Scotland for good, even with a Scottish party leader and PM, it is a disaster for the party.
    Labour will need to ditch Brown and appoint an English man at the helm, for it to do better in England in the next election.
    Else Tory boy Cameron will definitely be the next PM. And that is all the Jocks need to fire them up and be all gung-ho for an Independant Scotland! English plummy accented PM’s will never have a hold on Scotland again!

  • It was Sammy McNally what done it

    Devolution has been one of those Labour policies to slip through which was actually based on principle rather than the electability of the Labour party. I personally never understood how the spin doctors allowed it in. Devolution along with the Iraq war may well have cost them power in the UK for good. If the Welsh feckers (PC) could get themselves going properly that would certainly be the seal on it.

  • RG Cuan

    Super result. Well done Scottish Nationalists.

    Paving the path for independence…

  • barnshee

    Scot nats botled a referendum because they know they would lose. We have been here before –anyone remember the the “lovely” blonde Margo McDonald ? Scotland will be free ??

    Labour is doomed they first law of politics surfaces again- This lot are a bunch of self serving bastards-just like the last lot

  • dewi

    Scots nats bottled a referendum? Bring it on to coin a phrase!

  • smcgiff


    The SNP are using the boiling frog technique to seek independence – Don’t want to scare anybody with too big a leap.

    You don’t deny the trend is not so insignificantly going a certain way.

  • ggn


    I would say that hour surely approaches.

    One thing I find strange is that Scotland seems to be moving quietly in the direction of independence, spearheaded by a single political party, whilst normally independence movements, peaceful ones included are made up of ‘movements’ rather that simply pure political parties.

    It will be interesting to see if the rise of the SNP will have any effect on Plaid’s fortunes.

    Can Plaid develope an SNP style civic nationalism without comprimising cultural nationalism? Can they mantain the centrality of the Welsh language and at the same time make progress outside of their heartlands?

  • ggn


    What is your view of your fellow Britons BTW.

    New enough new site.

    code word : needed

  • Dewi

    “Can Plaid develope an SNP style civic nationalism without comprimising cultural nationalism?”

    Yes!! Actually building a cross party consensus on the language. We are behind the Scots but this result will help.

    Often look at the MK site. Pretty neat.

  • Peat Blog

    Interesting and quite amusing analysis in The Economist (see today showing a bloodied Brown looking remarkably like one of the Crankies (after having received a “Glasgow Kiss”).

    Although bad for GB they suggest that independence was a by-election “non-issue”.

  • Occassional Commentor

    In the event of Scottish independance, what form would the government take? Republic, Kingdom, etc.?

  • Peat Blog

    “In the event of Scottish independance, what form would the government take? Republic, Kingdom, etc.?”

    As far as I know I think the Queen would remain as head of state.

  • Dewi

    Where is Tywysog Owain anyway? Tony – you need to celebrate on here ! Does not happen often !!

  • Prionsa Eoghan

    Didnae realise that there was another thread. I’m knackered, I tried to stay up last night despite needing to be up at 5.30. Decided on my nat king and bed at midnight. Great news this morning, you made me laugh with missing your train etc. I only got in late after picking the weans up from my Ma’s. Incidentally she isnae talkin to me. Seems the weans have taken to hassling her and calling her a traitor for voting labour. *beams with pride* the little zealots!

    Anyhow worked 60 plus hors this week, so will celebrate in my 5* AI fortnight in Turkey leaving on monday. I’ve been practicing for my usual square go’s with the barmen who will invariably disappear when the freebies are due to end and it is time to pay for the bevvy at midnight.

    >>Devolution has been one of those Labour policies to slip through which was actually based on principle rather than the electability of the Labour party.<

  • Prionsa Eoghan

    >>Anyhow worked 60 plus hors this week<

  • PE-happy days:0)

    If the SNP can hold the seat at the next GE then something major will have shifted in the Scottish political landscape imo

  • Prionsa Eoghan


    The damage to Labour is irreparable, whilst we may not hold Labour are finished probably even as the major force in Scotland a mantle that has now unquestionably gone to the SNP. I noted that the Record was frothing itself up prior to the election producing auld biddies that were allegedly ex-SNP activists who have now seen the light ad naseum, all bullshit of course. They went very quiet in the days leading up to the 24th, seriously quiet. Watch this space, perhaps the press complaints mob are on the case.

    Aboot time.

  • sunny south east

    Just wondering as the SNP grow ever stronger most likely they will face the Tories after the elections. As it looks the Ulster unionists will merge with the Tories or the english nationalist party as a lot of celts are calling them how will they deal with the people they feel closest to i.e. the Scots moving towards independence they cannot use rabble-rousing oratory as before. Will the UU play the Orange cards which was no surrender to their foes by any means. I ask this because i the SNP and the Tories after the election will to use a local phrase “tear lumps out of one another”. I ask this because i think the greatest danger to the union is not the nationalists in ireland but in Scotland as the religious aspect is less extreme. Funny isnt the UU go on about the border it is across the noth channel the danger lies. Not directly related to the blog i know but brought it up because the unionists of scotland the catholics are changing to nationalism. Any thoughts how it will go.

  • Craigavon

    Orange Kakistocracy

  • No result!