“This is all connected to the devolution of policing and justice..”

The target date of May is long since past but it seems that, despite the admission by deputy First Minister, SF’s Martin McGuinness, it is Sinn Féin’s mis-representation of the ‘indigenous’ deal at St Andrews“put together by Sinn Féin and the DUP” – that is the root cause of the current power vacuum in the Northern Ireland Executive. That’s the implication of the UUP leader Reg Empey’s reading of the situation.

Leader of the Ulster Unionist Party Sir Reg Empey said: “The Executive has not met in over a month and will not do so for a further two months, how is this delivering for the people of Northern Ireland?” He also raised concerns over the economy and added: “A large amount of non-contentious issues are sitting there because Sinn Fein are effectively using their veto.”

“This is all connected to the devolution of policing and justice. “It is a thing people in Northern Ireland don’t want at the moment and we are being held to ransom by Sinn Féin on this. “There are obviously discussions taking place between the DUP and Sinn Féin in the First Minister’s office in Stormont Castle but the rest of us are not involved.”

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  • Napoleons nose.

    Was listening to David ford on this earlier, and he got it about right. People – he said – are more interested in rising prices than devolving policing and justice. Creating a backlog to try to force this through won’t work in the mouth of the Fermanagh by election. According to gerry kelly – in his very arogant way, there is no crisis, people are on holiday.

    Let them pull themselves down with their internal contradictions, they’re a shower of wasters anyway.

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    Yes, how dare he arrogantly suggest that people are off on holiday during the annual “Twelfth Fortnight” holiday season! How very dare he?!

  • Steve

    Funny to watch the tail wag the dog

  • observer

    the only people who seem to be panicking is the UUP, guess they havent much else to do these days

  • Napoleons nose.

    people are off on holiday during the annual “Twelfth Fortnight” holiday season!

    Did he say all that ??? jeez Whisper it in your ear did he? Voices maybe?

  • Garibaldy

    Chris Donnelly warned in a number of posts that PSF could start to play silly buggers too if the DUP pushed them enough. I’d be interested in hearing his analysis of this situation.

  • Steve

    It would seem for SF that the british sense of fair play works a lot better when dealing with the british as opposed to dealing with the unionists.

    I think SF maybe engineering a return to direct rule where atleast their reasonable requests were met, for the most part, with reasonable responses. Well except for the old cow of course

    be interesting to see how this plays out

  • lorraine

    the million dollar question though which all are being plausibly polite about is: will we see an irish language devolution of garda and coir before we see an executive meeting, or whatever it’s called….

  • 6countyprod

    I rarely watch local TV news, but this evening I caught a few minutes.

    Reg and Mark were on there whinging and whining, and droning on about the economy and jobs, cost of living, blah, blah, blah, as if it was all the fault of the DUP and SF, and a couple of meetings in Stormont would sort it all out.

    It struck me that these folks have become so irrelevant, and they would be safer packing up shop.

    I quickly changed to a different channel, and watched how another monster has been apprehended, and will face justice.

    What is it about evil men and beards? Maybe they will be coming after Jerry next!

  • Pete Baker

    And back to the topic..

    As I noted previously

    “That’s why the devolution of policing and justice is so important. These crucial areas of responsibility cannot be separated from wider social and economic policies.

    “The remaining challenge is to build on the growing public support and confidence in local political leadership and deliver the final stage of devolution by transferring policing and justice powers to the Assembly.”


  • Garibaldy

    I doubt that anyone wants a return to direct rule. Too much power and gravy train for that. After all that was given up to get this, and all the rhetoric against direct rule, such a volte face would not go down to well within the parties or with quite a bit of the electorate.

  • observer

    I think SF maybe engineering a return to direct rule where atleast their reasonable requests were met, for the most part, with reasonable responses. Well except for the old cow of course

    the differnce is SF dont have anything to offer, no guns, no objection to the police.

    Gordon wants devolution but that takes both SF and the DUPes, if hes fecks off the DUPes then devolution is equally in trouble

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    In addition, I think nationalists as a whole would be totally taken aback if SF pulled out or caused the collapse. Too high a risk for even SF. The DUP, on the other hand, have very little controversial legislation that they need to get through the executive – perhaps that’s why they haven’t tabled a Belfast stadium – because it just wouldn’t be accepted.

  • Pete, your quote from Goggins in post #10 is set in the context of: “The police cannot achieve this in isolation and so need to work in partnership with the local community.”

    It’s my impression that the police are and have been under (London and Dublin) political direction to work with community ‘representatives’ from loyalist and republican groups. If these representatives (continue to) identify with the Brothers Grim then devolution of policing and justice would not improve the lot of Joe and Josey Public.

    The culture of lawfulness once advocated by the Independent Monitoring Commission appears to have been quietly jettisoned, presumably under pressure from the London and Dublin political establishments.