Rivers Agency in sectarianism row

The News Letter (through FoI) has obtained internal government documents confirming problems of sectarianism and poor management practices in the Rivers Agency offices in Enniskillen and Omagh.

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    Yet more bigotry from the Orange State! No Catholics about the place, I’m sure.

    Oh wait, the Newsletter, you say? And the Rivers Agency west of the Bann. Let me guess – this is an example of Catholics not giving Protestants jobs. we’re all just as bad as each other and the brethren at the frontier are being subject to ethnic cleansing.

    Is there a link to there editorial? That would be fun to read.

  • “a five-fingered banjo playing foreinger”

    Lack of incorporation in civil rights bodies and movements means that the historic prejudice (illustrated succinctly by the commentators on this very sight) against people of Reformed faith or British national identity in Ireland has largely went unrecognised by wider society in the UK and abroad. The facilities and support required to deal with discrimination issues are in the hands of those who have deployed them in a demonstrably uneven fashion and are thus party to discrimination.
    A lack of agitation on this issue is a failure on the part of the Unionist political class.
    The absence of alternative unions and the ‘disincentives’ offered by the Catholic community are both factors in the lack of Protestant equality in civil rights and civil justice access. Only the Protestants themselves can change this, by facing down both the discrimination and those who would persuade us the price of complaint is high. Only in demonstrating that the Bully Boy attitude can be faced down can we improve the prospects and human rights of Protestants in all the counties of Ireland.

  • PeaceandJustice

    To billie-Joe Remarkable – It’s interesting that you find discrimination against Protestants so funny. Abuse of any kind should not be tolerated in the workplace. But once again the Pan-Nationalist Front goes quiet when it’s a case of Protestants suffering abuse. You expect it from the Sinn Fein PIRA gang. But shame on the SDLP.

  • Prionsa Eoghan

    *shakes head*


    Why not just deal with the muck in yer ain midden rather than try to conjure up muck in somebody else’s. That so called newspaper report is the biggest pile of unsubstantiated fish wives tales I’ve read for a while. Can’t believe that you’d lower yourself to this FD.

  • Steve

    P&J;for my part it hardly makes sense to comment on things where the facts are not apparent

    But I also suspiciosly wonder if the prods arent complaining because they ARE being treated equally instead of with the preferance they believe is theirs by birth

  • It was a supposedly independent report, Eoghan:

    In a memo, a Department of Agriculture equality officer cites an independent report which found “sectarianism” and poor management practices “as being at the heart of most difficulties” in the agency.

  • Prionsa Eoghan

    Not you as well nev.

    Simple stuff then put it up for the great unwashed to look upon.

    I know it has been a common theme of mine lately, but all I see is Unionism desperate to prove that themmuns are just as bad as themselves, thus absolving the need to look at themselves. Why search so desperately ere by when it is so apparent on your own doorstep?

  • Hogan

    It is a sad indictment of the shite-heap we call Northern Irish society, that the newsletter had a headline “Sectarianism blamed for Rivers Agency ‘problems”.

    I would’ve thought pollution would have been a more likely cause. Either that or the fact that the toothless excuse of an enforcement wing that reside within would party like it’s 1999 if they managed to ever get anyone fined more than 50pence for dumping shite in our waterways.

  • PeaceandJustice

    It’s typical to see Pan-Nationalists in denial. They don’t discriminate against anyone. Protestants in the RoI were never discriminated against or driven off their farms. All Roman Catholics in Northern Ireland have been discriminated against etc

    And should the News Letter dare to highlight Protestants being abused it’s treated as some sort of joke. Shocking.

  • Steve


    I believe the article says that there is the “perception” that Protestants are Punished more than Catholics.

    No where in that article is there even the slightest evidence that this infact a fact.

    Funny thing about perceptions is that every one perceives(got it that time Prionsa) that when they are being disciplined they are infacted being persecuted. Especially as most “victims” are positive they are innocent or atleast not guilty by virue of it being an accident.

    Until someone puts up some numbers this all just so much “oh poor me they are being mean to me” *cries crocodile tears*

  • PeaceandJustice

    Steve – “Until someone puts up some numbers this all just so much ‘oh poor me they are being mean to me’ *cries crocodile tears* ”

    The man who claims Roman Catholics in Northern Ireland were the Most Oppressed People Ever now shows his true colours i.e. Protestants don’t matter. In Sectarian Steve’s world, all Ulster Protestants would be at the back of the bus.

  • Steve

    P&J;Nice straw man wee lad

    Try it again it might work better this time