“he has wasted 23 years of our lives waiting for this moment..”

Nothing yet on the information provided to the family of Gerry Evans, but the family of Seamus Ruddy, another of those adbucted, murdered and secretly buried“human rights violation[s]” for which immunity was sought, and granted, during The Process™ – have responded to the failed follow-up searches by representatives from the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims Remains to information they had received.

Ms Morgan said the team had been investigating a site next to one they searched eight years ago. “The information which was given was from the same individual who had given information for the 2000 search,” she said. “So he has literally led our family up the garden path concerning the recovery of Seamus’s body. “He has wasted forensic experts’ time, their energy, money and he has wasted 23 years of our lives waiting for this moment.”

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  • Dave

    The burgeoning ‘rights’ industry in NI doesn’t seem to be too concerned with cases like these, oddly enough.

    So where are all those voices when they could actually make a difference by speaking out? When you vote for those who are guilty of creating the victims, I guess you have a vested interest in wishing that those victims would just shut the hell up.

  • POL

    INLA does not stand for election Dave, so nobody votes for them.

  • Dave

    Yes, well done. However, I don’t recall saying that the INLA did stand for election. I was referring to those members of sectarian murder gangs and the rabble rousers who have a vested interest in ignoring the victims because, rather obviously, to put justice for the victims to the fore of policy would serve to put the focus on a group of people who they are primarily responsible for creating. Likewise, those who voted for the murder gangs would rather not be reminded of the activities of those they voted for… particularly, as in this case, the victim is more than the murdered man, extending to the anguish of his friends and family that lingers for decades. Since the Shinners murdered close to 2000, adding in friends and family at a conservative multiplier of 20, gives 40,000 people whose lives they wrecked. Still as long as Marty gets a ministerial car and the voters get a few road signs in Irish, it’s best not to be reminded of the reality, eh? It’s not like anyone rewarded murderers, is it?

  • Paul McMahon

    Yeah, speaking of murderers being rewarded:


    “A colonel in the 1980s, Gordon Kerr was the commanding officer of the Force Research Unit.

    It was his plan to recruit, train, infiltrate and run Brian Nelson as an army double agent. In February 2003, Sir John said papers he was sending to the Director of Public Prosecutions related to Brigadier Kerr”

    Brigadier Kerr is currently based in the British Embassy in Beijing where he is the UK’s military attaché to China”

    Aye, right enough