“and practising alternative medicine..”

Mick’s somewhat more serious-minded reaction to the news of Radovan Karadzic’s arrest in Belgrade is on Brassneck but I just can’t get past the intriguing factoid revealed in this Guardian report. Whilst RTÉ merely describes “Karadzic [as having] been working in a medical clinic”, the Guardian report provides a link to the alternative medicine involved.

Karadzic had been using a “very persuasive” false identity and was practising alternative medicine at a private GP’s surgery in the city.

That Un-Enlightenment is everywhere.. Adds The Guardian’s David Batty asks – “is this the final nail in the coffin of complementary medicine?” Heh.

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  • Garibaldy

    Yeah Pete noticed that too, though the TV said he was working as a psychiatrist, so hard to say.

  • Pete Baker


    The BBC report also references him as “practising alternative medicine”, so I reckon the Guardian link is accurate.

    Notably, as a practitioner of “alternative medicine”, his activities wouldn’t have been regulated..

  • Garibaldy

    More proof that new age hippies are evil.

  • Pete Baker

    You might think that. But I couldn’t possibly comment..

  • Garibaldy

    Wouldn’t want to release more bad energy into the atmosphere.

  • Dosser

    I’m not sure why ‘alternative medicine’ is some sort of cultural-relativist attack on the enlightenment; indeed, some bastions of the ‘enlightenment’ fiddled with the kabbalah and took an interest in all sorts of practices we might think of as unscientific.

    However, apparently a few years back during the Dayton Agreement talks, a US interpreter asked what type of psychology Karadzic practiced. He answered: ‘group depression’. He got that right.

  • jone

    Surely it’s only a matter of time before the Barefoot Doctor has a team of paramilitary coppers rappling through his bedroom window.

  • Garibaldy
  • Peat Blog

    “Another miracle”

    Conclusive proof indeed.

  • Dr Fell

    Anyone remember seeing “Hannibal” in the 90s…? And that fedora….

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    A religious maniac claiming to be a doctor? Hmmm, it has a certain ring of familiarity about it

  • Pete Baker


    It’s a convenient short-hand for the promotion of the anti-rational.

    I think I first used it, specifically, in response to the claim by John Waters that

    The baptism of Magdi Christian Allam is an example of Pope Benedict’s radicalism, an event worth a hundred million words, a symbol of the new Enlightenment spearheaded by this most disarming of popes. Benedict’s project is the restoration to western culture of an integrated concept of reason, the re-separation of the metaphysical from the physical. [added emphasis]

    As I said then,

    “He’s right, in a way, that Benedict seeks an “integrated concept of reason” – Benedict has appealed to a “greater form of reason” previously. But, as I’ve pointed out before, the re-equating, or re-entwining, of religion and science that Benedict actually seeks is not an Enlightenment, it’s an Un-Enlightenment.”

    Another form of the anti-rational is the increase in literalism, biblical or otherwise..

  • Peat Blog

    The captured Karadzic looks as wild as Rasputin – appropriate given Russian support for the various Serb regimes.

    What a lovely chap he was too.

  • PeaceandJustice

    Radovan Karadzic gets arrested in Belgrade for war crimes. Martin McGuinness doesn’t get arrested in Belfast.

  • picador

    I have it on good authority that Ratko Mladic is teaching yoga in Berkeley, California.

  • As my colleague Steve notes on Amnesty Blogs:

    “While swift progress to trial is what the thousands affected by these crimes want and deserve, the Tribunal has still got to have time to do its job properly and thoroughly. There’s a worry that the UN Security Council has only given them until 2010 to complete all its cases – we’re calling for this arbitrary date to be reviewed.

    There’s also a danger that the serarch for those alleged to be involved in Srebrenica and other crimes will now wind down after the most high-profile suspect has been arrested. But Ratko Mladić and Goran Hadžić remain at large and others have yet to go to trial. All those indicted must be brought to justice.”

    The work of justice isn’t completed yet.

  • RepublicanStones

    ‘Radovan Karadzic gets arrested in Belgrade for war crimes. Martin McGuinness doesn’t get arrested in Belfast.’

    So it was a war P&J;, good man !

  • picador

    Radovan Karadzic gets arrested in Belgrade for war crimes. Martin McGuinness doesn’t get arrested in Belfast.

    It always comes back to Norn Iron doesn’t it?

    On a separate note, do you think Kardazic could have cured Iris Robinson’s dose of the vapours? Perhaps by reciting some of his dodgy poetry?

  • picador

    I travelled by bus from Sarajevo to Podgorica, Montenegro, a couple of years back, through Foca, then on across the wild beautiful mountains of the frontier (from where Karadzic hails) and past Ostrog monastery (a reputed Karadzic hideout) to Niksic and then to Podgorica, capital of Montenegro. It was common to see his portrait on the walls in the bars at which the bus paused for refreshment stops. A very beautiful but deeply sinister place.

    The road between Sarajevo and Foca was still lined by burned out cottages ten years on from the genocide. The town of Foca on the banks of the Drina river, which was once notorious for its rape houses, has been renamed Srbinje or ‘Serb place’ though before the war its population was 50% Bosniak.

  • picador

    It seems you can’t keep this egomaniac down:

    Dr. Dragan Dabic

    In English too! How he must relish The Hague!

  • Harry Flashman

    Blimey, have you seen him?

    No wonder they couldn’t find him, gone is the coiffed ‘Stuart Grainger with attitude’ look to be replaced by someone who resembles the ugly love child of Archbishop Rowan Williams and Ronnie Drew of the Dubliners!

  • Wilde Rover

    I seem to recall another fellow from the 90s that was responsible for the death of half a million children and one of his administration saying “it was worth it.”

    A popular fellow around these parts to this day.

    But please continue. Far be it from me to distract from the condemnation of war criminals.

  • PeaceandJustice

    RepublicanStones – “So it was a war”

    According to MMcG’s own definition, he should be arrested. You can play with words (war, Troubles etc) but the facts are that the Sinn Fein PIRA group is guilty of murder, torture and ethnic cleansing. In Belgrade it means someone is arrested. In Belfast it means someone becomes DFM.

  • runciter

    I think it is a wonderful thing that only the losing side are guilty of war crimes.

    Imagine how embarrassing this “work of justice” might have been otherwise!

  • picador

    Though the gains of Serb nationalism have been rolled back in Croatia and in Kosovo, Karadzic’s loathsome Republika Srpska continues to exist in 49% of Bosnia & Hercegovina. So unfortunately he is on the winning side (for the time being at least).

  • Peat Blog

    “A very beautiful but deeply sinister place.”


    I haven’t been in Serbia or Montenegro but I have travelled through Croatia several times where there are still many deserted villages etc.

    In a bar in Split one evening I asked for a few beer in pigeon Serbo-Croat only to be asked where I was from, followed by what religion I was. Upon giving the wrong answer the nutter did a convincing Sieg Heil.

    A sinister place indeed and just like home…

  • Garibaldy

    Sssshhhh, Peat Bog. You’re not supposed to mention Croatian fascism or the Islamists who were active in Bosnia, all of whom were the enemy of secularism and equality for all.

  • Peat Blog


    Yes, and I shouldn’t have said Serbo-Croat either given that they are two differenet languages that are exactly the same. Bit like Ulster-Scots and bad English…