Apologies: requested and rejected

The sister of Andrew Kearney murdered by republicans 10 years ago has called for the PIRA to publicly admit they carried out the killing and apologise. She says they have admitted this privately in the past. Meanwhile, a relative of a victim of the McGurk’s bombing has rejected the government apology for misrepresenting the UVF bomb as the premature explosion of a republican bomb.

  • picador

    Alec McLaughlin who lost his father in the McGurk’s Bar massacre said although he welcomed the apology from Security Minister Paul Goggins, he wanted to hear the words from Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

    That’s quite some spin.

  • earnan

    i want to hear Queen Elizabeth say it

  • The Raven

    Yeah. I bet you do. And where does that get us? “I want to hear President McAleese say it”?

    Wow. There’s a step forward in reconciliation.

  • picador

    15 lives, 37 years and after all those lies they send out a junior Norther Ireland minister to apologise to an empty House. That’s reconciliation – British style. What do the MoD have to say?

  • Concerned Loyalist

    At least they got an apology, unlike the families of victims murdered by sectarian republican terrorists…

  • earnan

    Also, I would like an apology from David Beckham.

  • picador

    I would call it adding insult to injury.

    At least they got an apology, unlike the families of victims murdered by sectarian republican terrorists…

    Sorry, do you do irony!? Or was that just bad taste?

    And the murder of Andrew Kearney, just a couple of hundred yards from where McGurks Bar once stood, was an absolute disgrace.

    I’m sorry that the blogger felt that he had to combine the two items in one thread just to make some cheap point. More bad taste!

  • Jimmy Sands

    There’s something rather smug about apologising for something for which you weren’t personally responsible, the unspoken subtext being “weren’t things awful before I got here. If whoever got the McGurks call wrong feels moved to apologise then by all means do so, although, morally, misidentifying a killer hardly equates to being one.

    Ms. King’s problem is more fundamental. Senior Ardoyne Republican (why so coy? It’s not like every other paper hasn’t named him) won’t say sorry because he isn’t. In his world he is entitled to kill people who upset him. He’s about as likely to give the Northern money back.