LOL (Laughs Out Loud)

As reported by the BT the Orange Order are in trouble due to copyright infringement over their Diamond Dan rebranding. Play spot the difference below:

Diamond Dan

I can’t believe it’s not Diamond Dan

  • cynic

    Is the blue and yellow one a gay orangeman?

    Has anyone told Iris?

  • Pete Baker

    It’s probably worth emphasising that although the Orange Order ran a public competition to name their new ‘representative’..

    They selected the image themselves.

    It is, though, easily resolved by a payment for their use of the image.

  • Mark McGregor

    It’s also worth noting anyone with a penchant for taking the piss could outbid the OO and easily have Diamond Dan rebranded to their own specifications.

    Any ideas on a potential DD transformation?

  • Napoleons nose.

    Give the orange dan man boobs.

  • Garibaldy

    Heads will roll I should think. Brilliant.

  • Peat Blog

    Any ideas on a potential DD transformation?

    Billy Bong
    Redneck Roger
    Bonfire Bonnie


    Fuck me, you’d think if they were going borrow from a telephone company, they’d at least have picked Orange.

  • Peat Blog

    Any ideas on a potential DD transformation?

    William the Turd
    Jock Strap
    Dinosaur Dan
    Walkie No Talkie (as seen in Star Wars)

  • Peat Blog

    Any ideas on a potential DD transformation?

    Sorry, I can’t help myself…

    Orange Archie
    Purple Haze

  • Mark McGregor

    I should point out the images above and those published in the broader media may also be stealing from the artist as he expected a fee for every download from the site it was originally submitted to. The OO and the person that stole the image may have put several areas of the internet in an interesting legal situation. I’ve dropped the artist Dan a line for his view.

  • RepublicanStones

    Have to admit, this is funny. Always though bill the Bigot, or Dan or whatever his name his looked uneasy. Now we know why, the OO kidnapped him.

  • RepublicanStones


  • Peat Blog

    Bo Duke of Orange

    If he was a wo-man, and a lesbian, he could be Billy-Jean King III


    Always instructive to note those who think one of the worst things you can call someone is gay.
    You might as well make a post saying there’s two thing you can’t stand, bigotry and queers.

  • Peat Blog


    I’m afriad you’re reading too much in to it. All in humour or irony…

  • “I should point out the images above and those published in the broader media may also be stealing from the artist”

    When the news story is the image itself doesn’t it fall under fair use? I know that principle isn’t specified on UK statute books (as I believe it is in the US), but my understanding was blogs/media would only be guilty of infringement if the image was only being used as an illustration (although many blogs do that on a regular basis).

  • LOL

    On a serious note, the OO has employed Austin Hunter for the past one and a half/two years.

    Who is Austin Hunter? some might ask.

    He headed up the BBC’s Public Relations department for a while. He was Press Photographers PR Person of the Year in 1997 and was awarded the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Media Relations of the Year Award in 1998.

    In 2001, Austin became the Director of Media and Public Relations for the RUC and then the PSNI. His strategy for communicating the change in policing was recognized with a Public Relations of Ireland Award.

    In 2004, Austin was appointed Editor of the News Letter. In 2005, the paper achieved its best circulation figures for eight years. He was also Director of Local Press Ltd., covering 11 titles in Derry and Donegal including the Derry Journal.

    No-one can explain who is funding his current PR post with the OO, or what his rate of remuneration is.

    But clearly given this copyright faux-pas issue over Diamond Dan, he’s clearly not worth the big bucks!!!!!

    But then again it’s a PEACH

  • LOL

    I forgot to say I would sack the PR man – or is he that thick that he thought he could steal a copyright image from elsewhere???

  • take_wat_you_got

    first they steal your land, then they steal your superheroes!
    It seems like they were just keeping up the tradition – steal what you’ve got!

  • LOL

    But the fact that they stole the image from an ENGLISH source makes it all the more ridiculous – I’d definitely sack Hunter. And to think that I used to think Portadown’s Harold Gracey and Davy Jones were bad.

    This one will fly around the world faster than Drumcree – stealing a copyright!!!!!!!

  • Peat Blog

    Any ideas on a potential DD transformation?

    Back for more:

    Agent Orange

    And, finally, if he had a sidekick:

    Tango and Sash

    On a more serious note, does Diamond Dan have any superpowers or was his only function to look butch in a leotard?

  • cynic

    Look butch….with that waist and hips?

  • SecretSquirrel

    Shame on them.

  • wild turkey

    ‘Is the blue and yellow one a gay orangeman?
    Has anyone told Iris? ‘


    Shit, imagine waking up to this devasting tragedy.

    I always assumed that in their celebration of diversity and outreach efforts, the OO based Dan on ‘our wee Julian’.

    Drum, comedy and the sash.

  • Jimbo

    If the Orange Order needs a new logo, why don’t they borrow the IFA’s? I’m sure IFA President and loyal Orangeman, Billy Kennedy, would have no objection – Sport For All ,eh?

  • smcgiff

    Sorry folks – its’s not true. Funny and all as it would be.

    Simply, no one, absolutely no one, on this earth of ours would be so stupid to do this. Therefore it cannot be a rip off – QED.

  • Rory

    They could always rename Diamond Dan – “Raj Persuad”, perhaps?

  • Rory

    …or should that be “Raj Persaud”?

  • Cowboy Neal

    Bill Gates

  • hotdogx

    If this is true, it shows the falseness and brainwashed nature of unionism + oo. Even the hundreds of nonsense unofficial flags that we see (the thing that looks like an English flag with the red hand in the middle) clinging to any kind of elevated structure. Anybody who was born on the island of Ireland to parents who were themselves also born here, are Irish ,at least to some degree and believing anything else is pure delusion. Of British decent maybe but Irish certainly.

    This is a laughable situation where they think they are going to clean up the image of the OO. Well all they have done is shown themselves for what they really are. They couldn’t even come up with a character themselves they had to steal it from somebody else. I feel sorry though for the poor brainwashed kid who named this flawed mascot.