Unusual bedfellows

Geroge Galloway has called on the electorate of Glasgow East to vote for New Labour and the Union. His defence is largely based on a rejection of the negative aspects of nationalism and that socialism could only be achieved in the UK not in Scotland.

  • Dewi

    Some interesting stuff on the infamous opinion poll last weekend.

    The unweighted figures:

    Labour 131 (25.4)
    SNP 124 (24.0)
    Cons 28 ( 5.4)
    LibDem 10 ( 1.9)
    Others 10 ( 1.9)
    Refused/DK 213 (41.3)

    Thus Lab 43% of those intending to vote and SNP 41%

    To get to the published percentages of Labour 47%
    SNP 33% weightings were applied on the basis of respondents answers on how they voted in the last General Election and then “normalising” the raw data. The movement seems surprisingly large and perhaps can be explained by some respondents answering how they voted in the (more recent) last Holyrood election rather than the last Westminster election. I strongly suspect that the poll underestimated SNP support.

  • Traditional_Unionist

    Mr Galloway is a total irrelavance these days.

    he needs to just crawl away into the corner and take his place, like a cat…..

  • Dewi

    The other weighting factor that was applied to the raw data was likliehood to vote. According to the Poll Nationalists were less likely to vote than Labour voters.
    If that’s the case then in three decades of canvassing and follwing elections closely that’s an absolute first in my experience – indeed it’s always precisely the opposite. I can’t believe it.
    I actually now believe that this is going to be a fairly comfortable SNP victory.

  • Dewi
  • K McLaughlin

    Motormouth Galloway is not an “unusual bedfellow” for Labour in Scotland. He is one of them, for lo! he is a prodigal son of
    of the tribe of Labour Tims who constitute the very heart and core of the party (and Unionism) in Scotland. He was cast out of the tribe a few years back for various offences connected with his complete inability to keep his gob shut. Perhaps this nauseating sooking-up article in the “Daily Rectum” is his attempt to effect a reconciliation with the People’s Party for his own opportunistic reasons, though admittedly
    rejoining Labour at this point in time is a bit like jumping off the iceberg onto the Titanic!
    I cannot account for his attitude to Scotland i.e. the combination of rabid Unionist (where Scotland is concerned)/rabid Nationalist (where Ireland is concerned but it is fairly common in people from his background, nor have I ever heard a convincing explanation for it.
    Tell you what though George, be consistent (a big ask!), you go over to Dublin and tell them that Irish independence was all a BIG mistake and the Republic should now revert to being run by London as Scotland is today.
    Do that and I will vote Labour.
    PS What Gorgeous George also fails to mention in his article is that “the great Jimmy Reid” he quotes with such approval now supports the SNP.
    PPS Galloway is drawing an MP’s salary for representing Bethnal Green and Bow. Perhaps he should devote the odd spare minute to his constituents welfare instead of penning cheesy, dated polemics such as this one which would be
    laughed out of a secondary school debating society.

  • Dewi
  • Occassional Commentor

    Perhaps the Catholic vote in Scotland, particularly the Irish, are afraid that if they’re preceived as holding up or obstructing Scottish Independence, they will be in a similar position to Jews in Poland post WWI, who were perceived as being, first, pro-Czar, and later pro-USSR, ie anti-Polish.

  • Occassional Commentator.
    As a native of Glasgow East I cant agree with your analysis.
    My mother’s generation was bedrock labour.
    That generation feared that a separate scotland would an another Norn Iron with the Tims at the back of the bus.
    I think that view is generational.

  • Dewi

    Feedback from Welsh people who have been up is that we are going to win fairly comfortably…

  • Occassional Commentor


    So are you saying that my analysis is incorrect for East Glasgow currently, but correct for some time in the recent past?

    Is East Glasgow now gung-ho Scottish independance, or more punish Labour?

  • Prionsa Eoghan


    Good links.

    >>Feedback from Welsh people who have been up is that we are going to win fairly comfortably…< >Is East Glasgow now gung-ho Scottish independance, or more punish Labour?<

  • Concerned Loyalist

    I never thought I’d agree with anything Galloway said, but, like him, I agree that the Scots should vote for Labour (or Conservative as they are both centre-right parties these days) and not the separatist SNPs…