“It is perfectly clear what the consequences will be..”

Northern Ireland Secretary of State Shaun Woodward had warned in May that “This train is leaving the station..” Yesterday he added a date for the termination of the service – that’s the legislation allowing for decommissioning – February 2010. If he’s still here we’ll see what he does then.. if there is no movement from those involved.

  • cynic

    ….. and if there’s no movement he will empty the jails to put them all away!!!

    Can we be clear on this? How does he plan to do this?

    Either the police are now soft pedalling on the UDA and not bothering to arrest them


    The Police will have to ramp up activity to arrest them but how successful will that be


    It’s all bluff and bluster.

    I know which one my money is on.

  • Traditional_Unionist

    as cynic has already alluded to.

    it just another deadline. then there will be another, then another, then an……well you get the point.