Best of Talkback podcast

For those who are interested the feed for the Best of Talkback podcast is now available ready for the first edition.

  • interested

    Best of Talkback eh,

    Well, i’ve got 30 seconds to spare so should have time to listen to it…

    Best of Nolan shouldn’t even take that long of course.

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    Cheers! What else is on the BBC website?

  • Over Here

    By far and away at the moment the best podcast on the BBC is “in our time” with Melvyn Bragg.

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    Over here: Genuine thanks but I was being sarcastic.

    BBC is one of the world’s most popular sites and most of us check it out. Still, slugger seems to feel the need to pick up on everything they do and run it here, often in a fawning “Martina Purdy’s done an amazing report on the latest DUP Press Release….” kinda way.

  • jone

    billie-Joe given that Slugger basically aggregates all Northern Ireland media as a starting point for commentary and discussion why wouldn’t they link to BBC stuff?