“We never ignore anything that would place someone at risk.”

And back to Londonderry, where the Irish News has learned [subs req]

The family of two men questioned following the murder of pizza delivery man Emmett Shiels in Derry have been granted emergency re-housing by the Housing Executive after being intimidated and threatened. Police have warned a number of other people questioned following the murder of threats on their lives while an elderly relative of one of the men is in the process of being rehoused, The Irish News has learned.

The Irish News report also tells us

In the days after the murder five men voluntarily handed themselves into police for questioning. One man was charged in connection with the murder while the other four were released without charge.

A teenage mother has also been charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice in connection with the murder.

The home of two men questioned about the killing was later attacked with paint bombs.

The Irish News has learned that the men’s family, who had been living in the Bogside area, have been rehoused because of intimidation and threats.

Neither the police nor the Housing Executive would comment on the specific cases.

A police spokeswoman said it was not policy to comment on the personal security of individuals.

“Where we believe someone needs to review their security we take steps to inform them,” she said. “We never ignore anything that would place someone at risk.”