“Misleading arguments 4”

Despite signing an Early Day Motion calling on the government to introduce a Climate Change Bill “so that annual cuts in carbon dioxide emissions of 3 per cent. can be delivered in a framework that includes regular reporting and new scrutiny and corrective processes”, Northern Ireland Environment Minister, the DUP’s Sammy Wilson, has told the Assembly’s Environment Committee that he will now vote against that Bill.

Mr Wilson added: “I will be voting against the Climate Change Bill. The reasoning behind the Climate Change Bill is this fixation that somehow, whether or if you reduce Co2 emissions, you will change the world’s climate and there’s absolutely no consensus that that is the case.

There is a consensus that, “Most of the observed increase in globally averaged temperatures since the mid-20th century is very likely due to the observed increase in anthropogenic (human) greenhouse gas concentrations.” But Sammy Wilson apparently believes it’s a conspiracy.. [Does he know the tinfoil doesn’t work? – Ed] As I’ve said before, it might help any local conversation if the new Environment Minister would provide some detail of the evidence on which he bases his beliefs.. He could start by reading the Royal Society’s Guide to Facts and Fictions about Climate Change [pdf file] which addresses some of the specific claims he’s made so far. Updated Royal Society link Climate Change Controversies – a simple guide. [pdf file]

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  • Paul

    Does Sammy believe the earth is 4000 years old?

    Quite simply anyone holding such a ridiculous belief should be barred for any office to which decisions made affect the general public.

  • Grassy Noel

    There ain’t a consensus and opposition it growing. I feel dirty agreeing with Sammy Wilson, but senior, respected scientists are noew speaking out against this, and even those who were in agreement, now concede that the last ten years have seen no warming. Added to that is the fact that the oceans are now entering a cooling cycle for at least 30 years and the lack of sunspot activity, and they amdit that there may be a ten or twenty year hiatus in warming – which, they assure us, will continue after that.

    I make one prediction: in five years this theory will be dead and buried, and the only wrming will result from the red faces world wide of those embarrassed that they believed in it, and those angry at having to pay taxes on the strength of very bad science.

  • 6countyprod

    Folks may find the following link of interest. It provides a little bit of balance to this media/celebrity-generated controversy.


  • Grassy Noel

    Good post, 6countyprod, the information is all out there which would completely discredit this ridiculous theory, but sadly that would mean the mainstream media actually having to let go of a story they’ve built up to such dizzying heights of alarmism over the years, would take governments to pay back all those Climate Change taxes they’ve taken from businesses and admit their energy policy is hopelessly inadequate, and for millions of activists and researchers to get off the gravy train and do some proper science instead about the real challenges we face in the years ahead.

  • Pete Baker


    That would be the updated misleading argument 4 combined with misleading argument 5.

  • Briso

    For those who like this sort of thing. AGW is on a break. It will probably be back though….

  • Rory

    It seems to me that, for the layman on this global warming debate, “you pays yer money and you takes yer choice”. My instincts, for what they are worth, tend to fall in line with Grassy Noel and 6CountyProd, which I suppose means that I go along with Sammy Wilson, not a journey I would have expected to make but for me this appears to be one issue at least where Sammy knows which way the wind is blowing.

  • Pete Baker


    “My instincts, for what they are worth..”

    Those instincts are why, as I’ve mentioned before, Somebody Else’s Problem fields are easy to maintain – see SEP fields.

    “This is because it relies on people’s natural predisposition not to see anything they don’t want to, weren’t expecting, or can’t explain.”

  • dodrade

    Godwin’s law notwithstanding, would Sammy Wilson say there is no consensus on the Holocaust because David Irving and the like deny it happened?

  • willowfield

    Exactly, dodrade

    Even if we cannot know with 100% certainty, what are the costs and benefits of cutting carbon emissions and the risks of doing so and not doing so?


    Costs – changing our lifestyle (the hardest); investing in alternative energy sources; damage to fossil-fuel-dependent industry and possible short-term damage to the economy

    Benefits – ending dependence on fossil fuels (which we need to do anyway as they are running out); therefore long-term economic benefit; boost to new industry and innovation in the renewable sector

    Risks – low risk that it will have been unnecessary in the short-term because carbon emissions aren’t causing carbon change


    Costs – long-term economic disaster as we fail to address our dependence on fossil fuels, which are running out

    Benefits – we get to maintain our lifestyle in the short term; we avoid a lot of hassle and bother in the short term; no long-term benefits

    Risks – high risk that the majority of scientists are right and climate change continues causing environmental disaster; high risk of economic disaster by failing to address dependence on fossil fuels

  • joeCanuck

    Benefits – ending dependence on fossil fuels (which we need to do anyway as they are running out); therefore long-term economic benefit; boost to new industry and innovation in the renewable sector

    That is a point that a lot of people miss, Willowfield. There is money to be made. The billionaires in Silicon Valley who brought us our electronic age are now investing heavily in renewable energy.

  • willowfield

    Can’t understand why people don’t understand the consequences of fossil fuel dependence. Do they not realise it won’t last forever?

  • Peat Blog

    What is Sammy (or the whole Stormont administration) actually proposing to do to alleviate the effects of sea level rise which, assuming we can all believe that the ice caps are melting (because we can actually see it), could cuase major problems along our coast (goodbye Ards Peninsula)? Is there going to be an infrastructre fund; presumption against more apartment developments; a proper marine and coastline planning strategy?

  • BfB

    Using verifiable facts to discredit the socialist global warming scheme? Has Slugger found it’s mind?

    BTW, having fun celebrating our Independence Day. Makes everything worth it. Maybe someday you guys will gain some..(independence, that is)…

    I will not mention the whole eeeyoooo tragedy.

  • Rory

    Pete accuses us of of burying our heads in the SEP (someone else’s problem) syndrome. I don’t see it like that. If the gloomy predictions of the global warming industry – and it is surely the current fastest growwing industry, albeit one that sells only by fear and profits by coercion, then clearly, if am still around, it will become my problem as well.

    My current problem however is that I did nothing to create this crisis for which I am daily told I am responsible and for which I must therefore pay. Big business created the problem and in so doing, in creating a society that made me dependent on these precious fossil fuels it ensured that I must work to create profits for its investors. Why the hell should I pay now that the same investors should profit from, if their prognostications are to be heeded, clearing up after their careless greed? I will not take on the guilt of the wrong doer while he laughs all the way to the bank as I pay for his sins. Not willingly that is, but then I doubt I will be given a choice, big business owns government (whatever about that silly twat from Bean Town trolling on about “socialism”).

    Peat Blog is worried about property (or perhaps the effect on property values) on the Ards Peninsula to which I can only refer him to Catherine Tate – ” Look at my face – am I bovvered?”

  • BfB

    The whole global warming scam is well on it’s way.

  • BfB

    The whole global warming scam is well on it’s way.
    There’s THIS, not that I believe the magnitude, but it’s only the tip of the (not melting) iceberg. So, again meet their friend Ben Dover.
    ‘Biofuels have forced global food prices up by 75% – far more than previously estimated – according to a confidential World Bank report obtained by the Guardian.

    The damning unpublished assessment is based on the most detailed analysis of the crisis so far, carried out by an internationally-respected economist at global financial body.

    The figure emphatically contradicts the US government’s claims that plant-derived fuels contribute less than 3% to food-price rises. It will add to pressure on governments in Washington and across Europe, which have turned to plant-derived fuels to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and reduce their dependence on imported oil.’

  • Pete Baker

    “Pete accuses us of of burying our heads in the SEP..”

    Not quite Rory. But it is what Sammy’s using – a SEP field, that is.

    But you stick to your instincts.

    I’ll go with the scientific evidence.

  • willowfield


    Remember not to put the pound coin in the Oxfam tin next time you come across a collector. After all, since you’re not personally responsible for African poverty, there’s no way you should be contributing the alleviation of it.

    Better stick to fund-raising for the Provos, eh?

  • Peat Blog


    Not worried about property in the way you think (I don’t come from or own anything on the Ards). I simply used the Ards as a local example of where, if govt forecasts are correct, half of it will be under water later this century, if nothing is done that is. More worried about the poor mugs who buy the crap apartments that developers throw up when they shouldn’t be allowed to by planning policy.

    It’s the poorest who will suffer in this all – but what to we care; we only want cheap fuel from unstable, autocratic regimes and bleat on about how ‘socialist’ we are.

  • willowfield

    Well said, Peat Blog.

    Rory tries to make out like industry is pushing the climate change agenda! They’re the ones resisting!

  • Rory

    Don’t worry, Willowfield, there is absolutely no chance of me putting a single penny in an Oxfam collection tin or that of any other charity for that matter. Twenty years of working as an accountant in the charity sector have long since cured me of any such naive foolishness.Into charity boxes I do not put.

  • willowfield

    Yeah, a full pound’s better in your pocket than 40p helping someone in Africa. Right on, man.

    Or put the money in the Provo collection tin instead.

  • 6countyprod

    This just hot off the press for Peat Bog…


  • 6countyprod

    Oops! Sorry, should have been Peat Blog.

  • Peat Blog

    All very interesting 6countyprod but I got a bit distracted at the bottom of the first page and instead signed up for the free seminar on “The Evolving Security Landscape”. Don’t be conned by the neo-cons.

  • Where exactly on this earth has there been one case reported of a permanent rise of sea level?
    Secondly, The earth has been divided into fixed cliamtic zones (all with their appelations, MMT(1) (Us)etc. for about 20,000 years. Where has there been one climate zone that has actually changed (Climate Change)in recent times?

  • CORRECTION – Re: classification of our local climate:
    MMT should be WCMT(1)which is West Coast Maritime (Subtype 1). The same as Vancouver, BC. and some other place over there in Asia.
    Wish it would change.

  • POL

    Maybe Sammy got his beliefs from the same school of thought as Homophobe Iris.

  • I was looking forward to reading the Royal Society paper and being completely convinced however it fails to address the Medieval warming period. As it goes though, it did help allay some of my doubts.

  • 6countyprod