Emergency Response

The home of the caretaker of an Orange Hall has been targeted for the third time this year in the village of Kilrea. It is claimed that the PSNI took 1 hour and ten minutes to respond to the victim’s 999 call.

  • joeCanuck

    It’s almost unbelieveable that it took so long for the police to come to the assistance of this man. Is there a standard response target? 15 minutes would seem the limit to me in rural areas.

  • Its a terrible thing to have gone through once nevermind three times. An hour and 10 mins is ridiculous as a response time and improvement is needed.

    The fact that this man and the Orange Hall are still being targeted is a sorry indictment of the new dispensation of love and harmony.

  • McGrath

    Judging by the break patterns, that looks like safety glass in the picture, fairly odd for that to be installed in a residence, suggesting the guy was expecting trouble.

    The one hour and ten minutes is an indicator of how long it will take for someone to be arrested.

    Its all rather sad.

  • interested

    Does look like safety glass – unfortunately what would be considered necessary for the caretaker of an Orange Hall given the chances of attack.

    Not particularly surprised by the police response time.. unfortunately.

  • Rory

    The response time of the police was truly inexcusable. The poor man might take the matter up with his MLA …except of course the Assembly has no control over such matters. Perhaps he could ask the First Minister why it is that he will not accept responsibility since no other authority seems to care.

  • Steve

    What are you guys on about??

    1 hour 10 minutes is alot faster than there response time for that poor wee man in Derry who was shot!

    Oh I forgot he was a nationalist and not in anyway affiliated with the oo

  • The Raven

    Hmm….5 posts before the whataboutery appeared….

    Don’t know how that compares to normal response times on this site, but it seems faster than the PSNI…

  • Steve

    I dont see any whataboutery just a rather caustic commment on the response times of the “service”

  • Dec

    Steve’s quite right. 1 hour and 10 minutes is impressive by PSNI standards. Presumably there was no ‘marksman’ in Kilrea that night.

  • POL

    Takes them longer to get to an incident in a catholic area and their only 5mins away.Thats if they turn up at all.