Portadown attacks

The homes of a DUP councillor and his son have been singled out for attack. At 78 year old Woolsey Smith’s home a window was smashed and a noose left outside. Meanwhile, graffiti was painted on his son’s home. Local DUP Councillor Smith believes it was carried out by Unionists opposed to power-sharing. Both victims have been involved in a recently publicised row in the Bethany Free Presbyterian church between pro and anti-Paisley factions.

  • Greenflag


    ‘Even the greatest, bravest, most loyal and honest European leader of the 20th century Charles de Gaulle had to betray those who believed in him for the greater good of France. ‘

    Or in plain english the end justifies the means .
    But what if the ‘end’ is based on mistaken assumptions , analysis , or is not grounded in political reality or an understanding of basic human nature or is ignorant of scientific facts ?

    History tells us that in those kind of situations the so called ‘greater good’ very often ends up delivering an even greater evil 🙁

    ‘Not one single politician in this province is fit to lace his boots.’

    Apart from any other consideration why would anyone want to lace the General’s boots ?. He’s not going anywhere . He is demised -no longer with us- in the ‘booted’ sense anyway .

    Anyway I ‘m not sure I’d want any NI politician to lace my boots . I like to put on my boots and go 🙂 The idea of having some nordie politicians arguing over the type of knot, length and colour of lace and whether the tie should be crossed over or straight, or whether the tying instructions should be in English only or also in Irish and Ulster Scots and Polish , and all of this going on for for forty or so years or more could finally tax my patience . I might even be tempted to turn on the lace tying gobshites and ‘boot ‘ them in the arse 🙂

  • willis

    This must now read like a very bizarre thread.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    Indeed Willis, it is hard to comprehend and rather surreal, like Salvador Dali, who normally used KIWI boot Polish to Polish his boots while speaking Polish to his wife GALA in Ballyfermot. “Unionists threatening unionists is shocking,” he said, “the use of the noose reminds me of the lynchings in southern USA. Was it a figure of 8 knot they used? he wondered”

  • Peat Blog

    Perhaps the Free Free Presbyterian Church will emerge.

    If only they practised that great British tradition of separating church and state. Perhaps claims to Britishness would be taken more seriously.

  • truth and justice

    Well this is interesting has Turgon made any comment and has his mate Mr Allaister condemmed this attack?????????????????????????????????

  • Half Pint

    T and J,

    You obviously haven’t read this morning’s News Letter. Be warned – last time stuff like that started to be said on this thread it had to be pulled.

  • POL

    Good god fearing people.

  • Blackmouth

    Half Pint

    Save your warnings. Mick doesn’t need it in the neck, fair enough. You will know however that the people behind these attacks are TUV in political persuasion – graffiti like “DUP-Sinn Fein” is hardly likely to come from nationalists is it now?

    Before Half Pint runs gurning again, I would remind Slugger that a political party cannot be libelled.

  • Greenflag

    Fair Deal/Willis and others .

    My apologies . My reply to willis as in No 1 above was meant to have been a reply to Willis on another thread . Mucho embarasso 🙁 This is a ‘first’ for GF .

    For the record I was not making light of the issue which FD raised.

    Re the issue itself regardless of whoever attacked the homes of Mr Woolsey Smith or his son need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law .

  • x

    The TUV position is clear. They are not responsible for the attack and have condemned it so shut up.

  • Blackmouth


    I will not shut up. I stated the facts – the people behind this were clearly TUV in their political sympathies.

  • x


    What – exactly – would TUV have to do now to please you? They have already publically condemned the attacks. What do you want? The party to go out of existence?

    The ejits who did this are no more representative of TUV than Jonny Adair is of all Northern Ireland’s Protestants. And a political party can take a libel action.

  • Turgon

    I am usually disinclined to reply to utter nonsense but I personally condemn this attack and although I cannot claim any position within the TUV, in order to condemn the attack on their behalf, I have absolutely no doubt that they do condemn it. I will quote directly from the print edition of today’s Newsletter:

    “Traditional Unionist MEP Jim Allister said that he and his party “abhorred” anyone who would resort to such tactics. He added, he would let the strength of his words and arguments do the talking.”

  • RepublicanStones

    ‘Traditional Unionist MEP Jim Allister said that he and his party “abhorred” anyone who would resort to such tactics’

    But this still can be interpreted as him agreeing with their aims !

  • Bigger Picture


    No they cannot. Politicians can. It is called freedom of speech.

    Clearly when people start resorting to tactics of this nature they are getting into desperate times. To actually use the tactics of the IRA to bully and intimidate those who do not agree shows just what a bunch of low lifes they are and makes a mockery of the argument that they hold the moral high ground. This was a 77 year old man who did nothing other than argue against people in his church and constituency who held a different view from him, whenever Cllr Smith won the intellectual argument, others decided to go down a far more sinister path.

    Whatever X wants to think the bottom line is the people who opposed these attacks were anti-DUP and stirred up by people such as Jim Allister and Ivor McConnell in the Portadown area.


    “He added, he would let the strength of his words and arguments do the talking.”

    Hardly the most sympathetic response. What a bitter wee man

  • Chris Donnelly

    Good to see the TUV representatives have condemned the attacks on their political opponents in this case. Not an entirely consistent position for the party, however, given the close association between the TUV elected representative in Stoneyford and certain loyalist figures implicated in numerous sectarian attacks (attacks denied by the TUV representative.)

    Man of hypocrisy indeed…

  • outsidegawkingin

    Ok so let me get this straight in my head, people from a political party puts letters in the local paper trying to persuade people of their opinion, next week their political opponents reply and so it goes on, how can this have anything to do with these shameful attacks. The arguement does not stack up, do we have a country of free speech, yes or no. I presume blackmouth and friends will say yes. Is the TUV allowed to put letters and statements in local papers. I presume even the DUP might concide yes. Well then can some one point out the problem because I’m not sure.
    If I wanted to be judgement one might suggest that free speech will be accepted as long as there is no possibility that it may expose the hand-brake turn performed by the DUP

  • Snooper


    Of course TUV agrees with their aims. They are anti-DUP Free P fundamentalists and TUV is, erm…..

    BTW, is it true Ivor McConnell is now working for Jim Allister at 139 Holywood Road?