Paisley, Dallat and Hay

Ian Paisley Jnr is looking into having John Dallat removed from his position as Deputy Speaker. The BBC once again refer to William Hay as a representative of the DUP, which according to his website, he isn’t.

  • Mervyn for President!

    How to salvage your failed political career.

    Step one….

  • bob

    Quite breathtaking ignorance/arrogance.

    he shoukd go off and read Nolan’s principles of public life – it is all bout perception and it as completely fair to percieve that there was a les than transparent relationship underlying the “i know of him” comment.

    grown up junior – just be grateful you got where you did by in-the-family cronyism

  • bob

    apologies for spelling etc . just done a decent 12 hours work for taxpayer – maybe Ian might try that sometime.

  • observer

    Good for him Dallat was clearly being bigotted in his approach , time to dump him

  • It’s clearly a case of political vindictiveness on the part of Ian Junior. He has questions to answer regarding his relationship with the developer and his less than fully candid statements on the matter. He should not alone have resigned from his ministry, but also from public life….

    Good on John Dallat…..

  • nineteensixtyseven

    Dallat had every reason to lodge his complaints regarding Baby Doc and that Sweeney fellow that he just happened to ‘know of’. He was fulfilling his role as a public representative in holding a minister to account. I see no reason why his admirable conduct is in conflict with his position as Deputy Speaker unlike, say, how Jr’s comments on homosexuality brought him into conflict with his responsibility for equality in his old job.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    “Whilst the deputy speaker apparently has nothing better to do with his time, public funds and countless man hours have been wasted in pursuit of this member’s false claim,” he wrote.

    “One has now got to question his fitness to remain as a deputy speaker.”

    He continued: “I have no confidence in him given that he has dragged petty party political point scoring into the public office. ………………………………………………………………………………..

    Ian Pailey Jr has hit the nail on the head. Devious Dallat is obsessed with sectarian, political point-scoring and stoking up sectarian tensions. He may be an MLA in my East Londonderry constituency, but this one-eyed, narrow-minded bigot does not represent me or my community.

    Time and again he writes articles in the local press, such as The Coleraine Chronicle, about meaningless bollocks that no-one but him and his ilk cares about. 95% of the time the articles are directed against the P.U.L. community in a disgusting attempt to stir up the flames of sectarian hatred in Coleraine. Without Dallat and his Sinner friend, Billy Leonard, Roman Catholics in Coleraine town and the wider Borough are free to integrate with their Protestant neighbours without any bitterness. However, when these idiots begin to shit-stir, the tribal tensions come to the fore on Coleraine’s Waterside/West Of The Bann;

    * there are fights outside the local Wetherspoons (a shared space/mixed religion bar).

    * giant tricolours are erected in Somerset Drive (a small estate where thirteen Protestant families live), to antagonise the other residents in the loyalist Heights area, leading to attacks on individuals from both communities.

    Basically what I’m saying is this. There is never any trouble in Coleraine until bigots like Dallat make inflammatory statements in the press and media. This throw-back has bastardised the position of Deputy Speaker…

  • Dr Strangelove

    CL and Observer… Where in Dallat’s allegations did he make reference to Paisley Jnr’s religion as being a factor ?

    As far as I am aware he did not, so what makes Dallat’s allegations a bigoted sectarian attack on him ? Did the fact that none of his DUP colleagues publically support him also have a sectarian element to it, or do different standards apply for them ?

    I think you both need to get out more as it might help cure the juandiced view of the world you share.

  • Richard James

    Concerned Loyalist,

    A pity your beloved UDA couldn’t limit its bigotry to writing meaningless bollocks into the local newspaper.

    Has Dallat been involved in starting any fights at the local Wetherspoons? Do upstanding UDA supporters never start them? Is this a Coleraine problem or was Dallat in the London Wetherspoons I saw a fight at last night?

    Did Dallat erect the tricolours? Are Loyalist paramilitaries above erecting flags? Has the UDA never used violence against those removing its rags from lampposts? Isn’t the desecration the UDA commits on Rememberance Day by trying to elevate its criminals to the level of those who gave their lives for this country far worse?

    Basically what you’re saying is that if Dallat was silenced then your ilk wouldn’t commit acts of thuggery.

  • Billy

    Observer + Concerned Loyalist

    It’s so laughable to read you two calling John Dallat a bigot.

    The words POT, KETTLE and BLACK race to mind.

    “Roman Catholics in Coleraine town and the wider Borough are free to integrate with their Protestant neighbours without any bitterness”

    Yeah, right! Do you really think that you’re fooling anyone?

    With people like you defending Unionism, it’s hardly surprising that NI Unionism has little support among the UK electorate and is widely regarded as a joke.

    As Paisley Junior found out, the days of croppy lie down are long gone.

    Accusations of bigotry are worthless without concrete evidence to substantiate them. The UK electorate are wise to that

    Unfortunately for you, there are many more examples of Unionist bigotry – 50+ years of history in the North based totally on Unionist bigotry and discrimination for a start.

    Unionists can whinge all they want and demand OO parades until they’re blue (or orange) in the face.

    Nationalists won’t be pushed around any longer -if you have a problem with equality that’s tough because it’s here to stay and there’s nothing that you can do about it.

  • Prionsa Eoghan

    >>Basically what you’re saying is that if Dallat was silenced then your ilk wouldn’t commit acts of thuggery.< >It’s so laughable to read you two calling John Dallat a bigot.<

  • “Has Dallat been involved in starting any fights”

    Hmmm. He and Declan O’Loan appear to have taken opposing sides on the Rathlin ferry fiasco so maybe blows could be struck. Mind you, they don’t look like bruisers …

  • Concerned Loyalist

    I think you both need to get out more as it might help cure the juandiced view of the world you share.

    Posted by Dr Strangelove on Jul 03, 2008 @ 09:08 AM…………………………………………

    You have to laugh at the cosmopolitan, liberal and progressive nationalists. The overwhelming majority of them take their orders from Rome, a Church who is so backward-thinking, conservative and downright intransigent that they still demand their worshippers refrain from using basic contraception when “love-making”. Single-handedly, the Pope could make a big impact in the fight against AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases, especially in Roman Catholic African countries, by telling his believers that using contraception isn’t a sin.

    Here’s a question for the practicing RCs out there: Is saving lives not more important than strict, bloody-minded adherence to doctrine written thousands of years ago?

    Another thing. I did a 3-year degree at the University Of Ulster Magee in Londonderry, where 95% of my Uni mates were Roman Catholic. It is after all situated in a nationalist area, I knew what I was getting myself in for, yet I had no problem enrolling in the course. Does that sound like someone who has a “jaundiced view of the world”?

    Just last night I went out in Portrush with twelve other uni mates and guess how many of us were Protestants…TWO! Does that sound like someone who has a “jaundiced view of the world”?

    You have to laugh at the irony of republican contributors describing Protestants as insular rednecks who can’t and/or won’t move on, when their “leading lights” still rule their areas like despot dictators, and when a section of this community still won’t give up the ghost in the fight for a so-called “United” Ireland. They’re so thick that they haven’t learnt the lesson of the hidings the Provies were taking at the hands of the security services and the Loyalist paramilitaries. The RA stopped their “Long War” because they were losing so-called “volunteers” at an alarming rate, whether it be incarceration at the hands of the security services, or death or injury at the hands of the Loyalist paramilitaries…how do the “Continuities” and “Reals” of this world believe they will fare any better with a fraction of the support of the Provos?

  • Prionsa Eoghan


    Thanks for the giggle.

  • Richard James

    Concerned Loyalist,

    I don’t know many Catholics that are in thrall to their church. My experience is many hold opinions about it and the Pope that Paisley would blush at.

    Regarding AIDS and STDs I doubt there many devout Catholics who would obey their church’s teaching on contraception but not on premarital sex.

    It’s utter sophistry to argue the IRA campaign was stopped by Loyalist terrorists assasinating its members. Loyalists only killed 42 Republicans, compared to 873 civilians. The UDA murdered 11 and 208 respectively. Seems there was little danger for a Provo from Loyalists, but plenty of succour and propoganda to be made out of savagery.