I’m the only man alive who didn’t notice Gemma..

OK I admit it. Sexism and ageism or whatever. Being the right age, I knew all about Belfast’s own crooning idol Ronnie Carroll as one of 25 standing against David Davis in his by-election bid to wake up Britain to a slow erosion of civil rights under Labour.

I’ve since woken up to the fact that Davis faces a double Belfast whammy, with Ronnie joined in the candidate list by Ulster and now Great Britain beauty Queen Gemma Garrett. Not that my old Westminster colleague, the waspish Quentin Letts in the Mail is much impressed ( though the pic is kinda sweet in an old-fashioned way, don’t you think?).

And I should’ve noticed the warning from my friend Lindy McDowell in the Bel Tel, with her sharp nose for humbug.

What is it about Belfast min-celebs and their agents, that they think English politics is good PR?